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January 22 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018

My mom isn't doing so well. She's always been obese my entire life at least and has had issues with digestion, infections, retaining fluids and her liver for several years now. After having part of her intestinal track removed and changing her diet she lost 50lbs and was doing better. However, she lives in a high stress environment with virtually no support for such things and it didn't take long to go back to her old ways. She went to the doctor a few days ago and was diagnosed with bronchitis and given 6 different medications to take. Because of her liver problems the medicine just made her weaker, unable to eat, completely nauseous and only able to throw up bile. She's in the emergency room now and is scheduled for gallbladder removal as soon as possible. She has very little will to live most of the time and times like this like the last I know a large part of her inability to heal is because of that.

I know it doesn't have much to do with my personal weight loss journey but I like to think I can use it as motivation for myself. I too suffer from depression but not likely to her extent. I have general good health, a husband who is caring, loving and supportive, and financial stability. She has none of that.

I don't want to end up like her. I don't want to worry my husband or not be able to care for myself or him when he needs me.

Update: They cannot perform the gallbladder removal because she has excessive fluid around her lungs, cirrhosis in her liver and a clot in her aorta. They have to remove the fluid and clot and eliminate the upper respiratory infection so that the she is low enough on the perioperative mortality scale to endure the surgery with minimum risk.
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