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I Said What!!!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Figured out how to write in the caption.. LOL

I've wiped my slate clean and have been focusing not necessarily on losing
weight (though I want to) but in building my foundation. I've gained and lost weight
a bunch of times, large amounts of weight. It's the maintaining that's the challenge.
So this round, I'm really working on my foundation, with the thought that as a result,
the weight will come off and I will have developed a plan that I can sustain.

With all of that in mind, it was an extremely busy
day at work, my office is relocating and there's lots of packing going on. Friday is
my day to pick something up to eat if I want. So today on the way home exhausted
11,223 steps exhausted. I ordered chicken wings, and a grilled chicken walnut salad
leave off the dressing I'll add my own.

I got home, had my wings and wait for it.. I mean seriously. I opened up the container for my salad and it looked amazing, the next words out of my mouth were as foreign as I've ever heard. I said, I'll never eat all of that.

OMG me the queen of food, me who parties with Ben and Jerry and still can't believe
that a pint of Cherry Garcia is supposed to be two servings. I actually uttered the words
I'll never eat all of that. I love food, unlike many people I know why I'm fat, I love food and
I eat to much. Tonight was a first, I had my wings (plain, no breading, no dressing) and I
was full and while the salad waiting for me looked amazing.

For the very first time in my life, I closed the box and put it away for tomorrow.
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