2/1/2018 My routines are pretty boring!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

February 1 and new month
Well I am back at 208# 3 or 4 months - going up and down in the month but first of the month always back at same.

Walking - increased a little - averaging 4000 steps on good days and minimum of 2500.
Treadmill is up to 22 minutes and 4 of those at 2.2miles per hour - some knee swelling
Stationary bike and seated elliptical up to 50 minutes. Each machine two days/week
Strength - not into a routine but have been playing with light weights a bit

Food :Gluten free. Heart-Healthy Anti-inflammatory Low carb 20-50 M-W-F 500cal S-T-Th-S 1200cal NEW learning about low salt and fluid restrictions for some Congestive Heart Failure. Needing more consistent sleep schedule.
Intemittant fasting meaning No eating 6p to 8am.
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