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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Hello friends,
Hope all are well.
This is the first time I get into the 1 week meal preparation thing in hopes of 1)giving it a try, 2) getting more nutrients into my body without stressing over what to eat when to stay healthy, 3) trying to see how my body / cravings will be following a planned meal plan. I haven’t tried any of these recipes before. I thought to share the steps I took in case anyone else is starting too. Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, it might not fit everyone and I am not a nutritionist, but trying to learn to communicate better with my body and am being transparent with my journey to see what works and what does not.
How did I start?
1. Came across a cool video through Facebook where a breakfast smoothie (or shake, don’t know the difference) was made over the weekend and kept in the freezer for daily consumption.
2. Now that breakfast is taken care of, I reviewed my saved posts and came across a previous lunch and dinner meals prep video. This video was for vegetarian. I am not. So what I did is I took the idea of roasting various veggies (prep) then adding meat or chicken depending on the numbers.
3. This step takes time: here is what I did: I went into the Recipe Nutrition Calculator we have in this community and literally entered each and every ingredient in all the meals. I love this tool by the way; it was very time consuming but I am keeping my end goal in mind (fixing my relationship with my body, communicating better with it and giving it the nutrients it needs).
4. You will notice below each meal along with various options for it. At the top of the table I have a line with the meal type and the total calories per option. (This comes in very handy when I am playing around with the numbers to reach the 1200-1500ish ideal calories for me [I hope it is!!]). **** Due to issues with the blog not posting, I will not add the tables, it might be the one causing the problems in posting.****
5. In the tables below you will see the contents of each meal based on the images I saw in the video. Please note that I tried to choose the closest match of ingredients from the database. But I was strict with the measurements/sizes. (I am not being overly strict or tight as I did that in the past and failed successfully. This time I am taking it easy, step by step and see where it goes.)
These images are of the veggies I found (and I eat/can try) in the market. Before and after the oven:

6. I will probably change the menu next week, and if something came up during the week and I had to diverge from the plan, I am giving myself the ok, because I want to stick to a lifestyle not a diet.
7. The last table shows the numbers and items I played with to stay within the calorie range I want. You will notice that it is more towards to 1500ish mostly because the tracker in this community was such an eye opener for me, as I realized I am not taking enough calories. The first few days of tracking I was consuming 700ish – 1025ish only. (This is way I went over the 1500 mark over the past few days of tracking, just because). I am no expert, but after all the trials and errors I have been through, I am now investigating the rationale that perhaps I wasn’t feeding my body enough so it has been going in starvation mode and holding on to fat. We shall see!
8. Oh, also, you will notice that I left the snack column empty. Looking at the numbers I am not feeling comfortable adding snacks, but then again, I don’t know how this week will work. Once again, this is simply a starting point, but I thought to share in case anyone else is trying. At least here is a template/steps that might be useful for you to use.

Update: Ok, so its Sunday afternoon and I am finally done with all meal preparation. I realized while cooking that I did not have enough meat/chicken (grams) to reach the total calorie intake. I won't be too hard on myself. It is what it is. This is a start. I just did not realize how long the prep took. I guess once I get used to it, things might move much faster. Let's see how this week will roll.

Stay happy, healthy and prosperous XOXO.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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