Feb 13 - Dr. gave trip OK and Going to buy Plane tickets

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thank you to those on my teams for love and prayers through the last few weeks - Dr. gave me full and happy go-ahead for a plane flight to Alaska to meet with my son I have not seen in 12 years! I am thrilled and scared and mind racing but I have a month to calm down and think this through and keep getting even more health in the process and time span.

Cholesterol #s and blood pressure are all the best in many years - but specifically in the last 2.5 years since I got my heart stents. All heart perameters are good with only routine followups required in the future.

Blood sugar numbers are not perfect yet but fasting glucose is lowered 8 points and diet plan [that he said I'm approaching "like a scientist"]is working and meeting his requirements and the numbers are coming down and no meds!!! [ we discussed Metformin a little but he is NOT in favor of it at this point.]

Neuropathy "is what it is" and even if getting worse, I am learning safety measures and practicing and building strength and more weight loss may even improve the walking a little bit with time.

Weight battle in included in all the issues of health - he commented that this is the lowest I have been in 38.5 years and looks like I willkeep going lower so keep up the good work and learn to like veggies - HaHaHa. I am happy!! Now to plan outfits, foods, research fun things to do in Anchorage, Alaska and set meds and read about flying - I have not flown for probably 14 years so will be an adventure!!
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