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Strange days in this country

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The past week showed quite a bit of turmoil in my country.

The minister of foreign affairs stepped down yesterday because he had insisted that he'd been present in Putin's datsja and had heard Putin make comments about creating a big Russia. This was a lie. Our prime minister knew about that lie and did not do anything. His government is not liked by me (and many) because it is breaking down the health care system and not taking proper care of the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

Next, in the past days here in my country there has been a huge topic in the news as our government has made a law that everyone is automatically a donor of organs when they die. The law passed, yesterday, with 38 votes against 36.
So from now on (well in the near future) if one does NOT want to donate organs after he or she passes away, he or she hase to make that known in a special register. So far someone who wanted to be a donor had to carry a note saying that they wish to be a donor or register that wish. This law reverses that now.

On a bit lighter note I also read that soon, in many cities, cats will also have to be chipped just as dog owners here are obliged by law to chip their dog. The goal of the new rule is that if a cat goes astray it can be returned to it's owner and in the long run, the problems with stray cats will diminish. It's also hoped that this obligation will make cat owners more responsible in how they treat their animals.
My personal hope is that soon there will also be an obligation for cat owners to pay taxes, just like we have 'dog taxes'. A dog owner pays over 100 euro's per year on 'dog tax'. Should a person have two dogs, the price goes up to a sum of 275 euro's! A cat owner pays nothing, so far. I tend to think of that when I watch other peoples' cats poop in our yard!
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    I expect that Sweden will make the same change sooner or later. I don´t think you have to carry a donor card here, you sign up in the national register and if you end up in hospital and will die it will show when they take forth your health details. I am ambialent, I somehow see it as a sign of this "Market society" ... "is your kindey kaputt – get another one!" at the same time I would gladlye give my daughter a kidney if needed. And I have no objection to donate my body for research purposes or study object for students.
    1214 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    I think its a good idea that the cats are going to be chipped as well!

    I carry an organ donor card and have for a lot of years. So many die without the chance of a transplant. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Ps Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Hope u r well. I am and stronger than I was. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1220 days ago
  • RDEE22
    In Oz we have cats microchipped along with dogs. It is a law. They are also bringing in night curfews for cats to save our birds and little native critters in some regions.
    1221 days ago
    Our dogs have to ave license yearly and both are chipped - our cats have to have shots as do our dogs.,
    1223 days ago
  • WHITE-2
    Re: 1CRAZYDOG: Well, you can escape from being an organ donor if you register that you do not WANT to donate. But if you don't register that wish, then yes, you will be an organ donor.

    Re: TOMMYMOTT: I'd almost believe you are a cat person! LOL
    To be honest in the Netherlands stray / free cats are somewhat of a plague and they kill off birds and other animals that are becoming rare in our cities.
    Dogs, btw, also are used traditionally for hunting and for catching mice and rats. So I am all for equal treatment, let all pet owners / caretakers be obliged to chip their animal and pay taxes for them!

    I really like that idea of chipping the politicians! Ha, ha.
    1223 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/15/2018 4:41:38 AM
    That law sounds a little bit out of a science fiction movie, too draconian for my taste. Think of all the people who don't pay any attention to the news and may not become aware of this law. Then, when they die, they automatically must be organ donors? That just seems wrong to me. The old system was better.

    And I agree that if there is a dog tax (this is the first I've heard of any such thing), there should certainly be a cat tax! I think of the few times when my small children played in sandboxes at the park and got very smelly, nasty surprises. Cats well taken care of by their owners are precious, but when cats are allowed to wander they can certainly be a nuisance. Have you ever heard them fighting at night? They sound like screaming babies--very unsettling!
    1223 days ago
    Anywhere we look we see that politics is a dirty/corrupt affair! I'm especially sorry to hear about this in your country since I like to believe it to be less corrupt than most...

    I'm an organ donor. We select that when we apply for a driver's license or identity card.
    I like that better than donation being made mandatory.

    Cats should be treated equally with dogs. Both animals have a long history of
    cohabitation with humans but I think that historically cats are more valuable since they
    typically hunt out and destroy vermin that cause disease. In that respect free/feral cats should be prized and cat caretakers ( a human does not "own" a cat!) should be paid
    by the state, not penalized. As far as "chipping" is concerned, perhaps we could also chip politicians so we can keep track of them!
    1223 days ago
    Really???????? Everyone has to be BY LAW, an organ donor??????? That is unheard of! Good heavens. Such a very personal choice to have to make!

    We pay a fee yearly for our animals, too. We had our dog chipped. Worth it.

    1223 days ago
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