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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Well we have had good days and also bad. Day 15 I ate emotionally and very unwisely. No excuses. Just upset and ate out of uncontrolled emotion. I was helping a friend deal with devastating family news. We both ate out and had frappes and ice cream sundaes the got to her house and by 7pm were eating cake. Needles to say by the time I got home about 1Am BS was 354 which is not ok at all. I took my insulin and my morning fasting BS was down to 230. By lunch time eating sensibly and taking insulin was back to 164. I felt terrible the whole of that next day, had no energy and endangered my wellbeing.

I am back on track. Have been there for my friend and DH has been here for me. I had a FBS of 144 this morning. I have tested 6-7 times a day til sugars were back under control. I will not eat like that again. If friend needs to eat I will have healthy liquid and I am carrying snacks safe for me that I can have with her.

I know there will be other challenges and I am preparing to meet them better. There is now a lunch box in my car with single serving sizes of snacks such as cashew nuts, crackers and peanut butter, GF trail mix, cheerios, etc that I can use at any time in any place.

Onward and upward. Hope everyone has a good night.
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