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Friday, April 06, 2018

I LOVE to eat and I HATE exercise, always have.. However, 5 years ago I felt so awful and eating everything in sight wasn't making me happy, I decided to try exercise (both cardio and strength) for 6 weeks to see if I noticed a difference. (Secretly I hoped that wouldn't be the answer.)

Started out with 5 measly minutes on the elliptical and began lifting hand weights at home. Then found a Silver Sneakers fitness class at the rec center. I was positive the instructor's main goal was to kill me off the first couple of times. (However, remember my 6-week pledge.) So I kept attending and pushing myself to do more cardio minutes and strength training efforts. And I also started monitoring what I ate. Talk about an eye opener!

I lost 35 pounds, felt like a new person, ready to conquer the world. Then I slowly fell back into the black hole of flabbiness, eating everything in sight and regained everything back - plus extra.

Enter foot surgery that left me in a recliner for 6 weeks with my foot over my head, then a scooter and a walking boot for about 5 months. Since I could only get up for restroom and bathing, no stairs, I was imprisoned in my bedroom. DH cheered me up by fixing gourmet meals, bags of my favorite chocolates, etc. So I ate and gained more weight while being totally inactive, but definitely well-fed.

Then we took a 21-day bucket list cruise (my new foot functioned well), ate everything in sight, gained 17 pounds in 21 days. I enjoyed the cruise but felt physically horrible - every joint was screaming and I had zero energy. I began flogging myself for relapsing back into this sorry state, knowing full well my poor decisions were responsible for it.

When we got back from the cruise I vowed to never again get back into this state and once again began "cleaning" up my act. Enter SparkPeople with their lifestyle change philosophy. The more I read, the more I thought "this makes a lot of sense," so I joined in January 2018. I've never, ever, done anything like this before. I posted my weight, before picture, and started tracking everything. Needless to say, my "cleaning up my act" has morphed into lifetime "lifestyle change" philosophy.

WOW - do I feel like a different person already! What energy, restful sleep, improved concentration, etc. I don't have much more to lose, but maintenance concerns me since I've NEVER maintained. I've been reading SP articles about maintenance and now it doesn't seem quite so daunting. Accountability to someone other than myself is a great help because I see my decisions/results in black and white and others are noting - cheering, encouraging, giving helpful hints.

As far as exercise, I strive for 60 minutes of cardio per day and am a huge fan of strength training. The Spark article for today was "Why You Should Learn to Love Strength Training." Great article - I suggest everyone reads it. I'm in the pre-osteoporosis stage of my life, have had four knee surgeries, am a candidate for joint replacement. Any exercise is low impact. DH saw a body pump class at the gym and said I should check it out. That's a good total-body weight work-out in one session. Yes, I have to modify, but no muscle is left unturned. Also went back to TRX class once per week because core strength is so important for "more mature" ladies.

I'm excited to be on this journey! My office is filled with motivational posters/advice from SparkPeople. Thank you, SparkPeople and teams! You have no idea how much you've helped me move on this life-long journey emoticon emoticon emoticon

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.