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Fitting into my Wedding Dress! My Plan for the Next 17 Days and Beyond!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

So I bought my wedding dress in February and I had decided to buy it almost 2 sizes too small. When I made that choice, the seamstress at David's Bridal was pretty rude and basically told me that was a terrible idea. I told her I was planning to lose a significant amount of weight before the wedding and her response was "If you REALLY think you can do it, I guess you can order small. But almost every bride says they are going to lose a bunch of weight, and most of them never do. I can let it out, but it's a couture dress, so it will cost a lot more" Then she gave me a rude ass look which just set me off. I actually put my finger up (pointer finger, not middle lol) and said to her: "I'm gonna stop you right there, I don't think I'll lose the weight, I know I will." Guess what... I did! When my dress arrived, I had already lost weight but about 6 buttons wouldn't button in the back. I tried it on the other day, they all freaking button! It's still a little snug, but I'm thinking 5lbs to 10lbs more and it will be amazing. My fitting is scheduled for April 28th, and I literally cannot wait to put my dress on and let this lady know all I'll be needing is a bustle added, no other alterations. emoticon I know she remembers me, because I was in the store getting my step daughters flower girl dress, and I made my appointment in person with her for the fitting. She asked how things were going with my weight loss, and looked quite surprised when I told her the dress fit.

I really want to lose 5lbs in the next 17 days. It's completely doable. I'm going to eat around 1700 calories a day. Those calories are going to be made up of meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and small amounts of oatmeal and rice. NO wheat, NO dairy. I have recently discovered that dairy does not go well with my body. It causes me to break out, have low energy, bloat up, and just feel blah. I already drink almond milk instead of regular milk so basically I'm just giving up on cheese. I feel like wheat makes me bloated too so I'm just cutting that out for fun. I just did a 2 week challenge with a friend where we cut wheat and dairy out and I felt amazing. The hardest part about it was having to meal prep and plan ahead every single day. You can't just grab a sandwich when you're running late and forget to pack lunch. You have to constantly be prepared. I don't see myself forever giving up those things, but for the next 17 days it's happening. After that, I'll probably only have wheat or dairy in a cheat meal which will be on a rare occasion. For my workouts, I plan to do full body strength training workouts 3 days a week, hard cardio another 3 days a week, and 1 day of rest or just a light walk.

After years of struggling with my weight, I've learned a few things about myself. I know how to be successful. I know what works, and I know what doesn't.
1. I am an emotional eater... I'm working on it
2. I am very all or nothing... I struggle with balance and it's a vicious cycle. If I skip a workout, I'm more likely to overeat, or to eat junk. If I eat something crappy, I'm very likely to skip my workout for the day and/or eat more crap. I know everyone is different, but for me personally- cheat meals ruin me. I can do amazing for weeks and weeks and have zero cravings. After one cheat, it's like a switch gets flipped and I have a very hard time getting back on track. I would rather just be 100% on point. When I do have a cheat- it needs to be preplanned and
I need to make sure I workout prior to eating.
3. Morning workouts are a must... It's very easy to skip an evening workout after a long hard day. If I do it in the morning, all I have to do in the evening is relax. It also sets me up to want to eat healthy. If I wake up at 4am to workout before work, no way in hell am I ruining it with a freaking doughnut in the breakroom!

Knowing all this about myself helps me to understand where I've messed up in the past, and helps me plan to be more successful in the future!

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