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Abundant Couscous and Brussel Sprouts

Friday, April 13, 2018

So I've been cooking healthy since being on SP. DBH (dearly beloved husband) has gone along with my cooking and even gave some compliments. However....I brought out the couscous and brussel sprouts. The couscous was even all "dressed up" with dried cranberries and pine nuts (my idea of gourmet). The first night he ate some without comment. The next night he requested "no couscous." This recipe made a huge batch. Hold that thought for a bit.

DBH is on blood thinner because of A-FiB and gets regular testing. He'd told me he couldn't eat broccoli because of effects on his warfarin. No prob. Then I read about all the benefits of brussel sprouts and they happened to be on sale! Bought a huge bag of those lil cabbage heads. His next two INR tests were dive-bombing (not good) and the "clotting ladies" asked him about his diet. Turns out he is to greatly limit his Vitamin K intake. Guess what brussel sprouts are high in? I quickly learned about all the foods high in vitamin K - quite educational! However, there remained this huge sack of brussel sprouts - oh, what to do?

To continue the previously held thought, I have eaten a LOT of brussel sprouts and "gourmet" couscous for the past five days. One more day of couscous left. Had to throw the rest of the sprouts out, they started looking weird.

Note to self - I like these two things, but there's a limit. Next time don't buy so bloomin' many of 'em even if they are on sale!

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