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My Perspective Has Changed

Friday, April 20, 2018

Recently I've been watching reruns of a show called Fit to Fat to Fit. It's a show where different personal trainers who have always been fit spend a 4 month period gaining 60-80lbs to experience what it's like to be fat and try to lose weight. During the 4 month weight gain period, they eat like crap and don't do a single workout. Then after that they spend 4 months trying to back to their previous weight and fitness level while also trying to help an obese client lose weight. In every single episode- as the trainers eat junk and stop working out, they all start to get depressed and unmotivated. They have zero energy and feel exhausted all the time. Most of them develop some type of health issue like high blood pressure, insulin resistance, fatty liver, kidney issues, etc. When they first switch from a clean healthy diet to junk food, they all feel super nauseous and some even vomit. Also even though these people are only like 220-240lbs after the weight gain, when they first start working out they do the same workout as their 300+lb clients and they are struggling just as much. It is insane to me how much damage you can do to your body in just 4 months. This all really got me thinking.

First of all, the human body adapts so well- sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. When these people switch from a healthy diet to a diet full of sugar, grease, and processed ingredients- they all get super nauseous and feel like crap. For most of us who are overweight, our bodies are so used to the crap and we adapt. We don't feel sick, we get addicted and crave the junk. But it doesn't mean that there isn't damage being done under the surface. Our bodies are working so hard to process all the junk we put in it- no wonder we have no energy. Watching these people get sick shows me just how harmful crap food is.

Secondly, watching these people gain a bunch of weight and get depressed really speaks to me. They start to feel super insecure, and some stop caring as much about their appearance. They feel exhausted, they have no energy to get off the couch. I remember very clearly those low points in my life. I have felt depressed and worthless. I have felt like a failure time and time again. I've been so tired I didn't wanna get off the couch and I've been too tired to play with my son. When I'm putting good food into my body and exercising- all that goes away. Exercise is a natural mood booster. When you put good in- you get good out. Good food=energy. I don't ever wanna feel low like that again.

Third, excess weight and unhealthy habits= poor physical health. We all know this. But watching these people develop health issues just after 4 months of unhealthy habits is very scary. These people only weigh 220-240lbs, but the excess fat on their bodies along with poor diet and lack of movement is causing them serious issues. As a nurse, I know that excess weight and bad habits cause a ton of issues: strain on your heart, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, insulin resistance, diabetes, certain cancers, etc. It also puts strain on all of your other organs, disrupts your hormones, and is harder on your joints. We all know these things, we've heard them time and time again. But how many of us take time to really worry about these things if they haven't happened to us yet? Despite my weight, I've always exercised some and ate healthy just enough to keep these issues at bay. Thankfully, I've been blessed by being relatively healthy, and even though deep down I know these things are consequences of an unhealthy life- I always think "it won't happen to me." "I'm young, my blood work is good, my blood pressure is good, blah blah." Yes it is- for now. It won't always been that way if I don't get my weight under control and make some permanent serious changes. Watching these young people who have always been fit and healthy destroy their bodies and their health in just 4 months scares me. It's a huge eye opener. It can happen to me- it can happen to anyone. I've been lucky. I'm sure I've done some type of damage under the surface, but thankfully I'm making changes in my life now before it causes any real health issues.

I'm not sure why this show really affected me. I've watched other shows and saw fat people with health issues and ignored it. I guess seeing thin, fit people develop issues made it more real. Bad choices affect everyone. My desire to lose weight as always been more about the way I looked. Of course I wanted to be healthy too- but I already was "healthy." I had no real issues. My perspective has completely shifted. I still want to look good, but at the end of the day- my health is most important. I don't want health issues. I want energy. I want to live a long healthy life. I want to instill healthy habits into my son so he can do the same. I don't want to deal with depression and feelings of failure. I am never ever going to take my good health for granted again. I'm going to do everything in my power to preserve it.
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