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Two voices, and a lot is at stake.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I know I am not alone in having said HORRIBLE things to myself. I've been hateful, rude, judgmental, and said things to me that I would never even THINK about someone else, let alone say.

I did it for years. Did it help? I can honestly say no, it did not. Of all the times I've set out on the path towards health and fitness, not once did it happen because I berated myself or insulted myself.

Now that I am clearly doing the right things to address my obesity, it's a lot easier to be kind to myself. I can still hear that nasty voice in the back of my head trying to tell me all the negative things I know about me, but it is getting easier to ignore it as the other voice is growing louder.

That better voice is telling me, "You CAN do it this time! Look how much you've done already! You're planning, you're thinking, you're logging, you're exercising, you're cooking -- look at everything that you've done to get yourself going in the right direction! It's a lot of FUN to step on that silly scale now, isn't it? You're going to LOVE the results!"

I wonder what I could have done to get that voice going sooner. That voice is the one that is helping me. That other one? I doubt that I will ever silence it because it does know me well and I've lived with it for so long, but it's easier to ignore every day.
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