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Live food journal Day 1 ( 4 weeks : 28 dayr)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I want to track my food for the next month. I will be traveling in 4 weeks and i would like to feel awesome. I have been drinking a little bit more and having more sugar. So going to make a small goal to food journal and eat super healthy for the next couple of weeks.

Looking at old post look like 130-133 is my normal. But when i am really on point i can get down to 127-125. I have always wondered if i could get lower ( in a healthy way) so curious. But yeah never been able to get below 125. Some some odd reason 120 has always been my goal number. But i have never reached it. It doesn't matter but i wanted to admit it here.

IT is just a number. HOw i look and feel is most important. But i also just want to be real here and share the thoughts that have creeped in. Being healthy is the most important.

Something i did yesterday was just google a bunch of foods and read about their health beneftis from walnuts to cucumbers. Food is so amazing. So many foods are ment to heal our bodies, give us energy, keep us looking young, sleep better. Its a shame all the crap that is out there that doesn nothing for your body and just harms it.

So for the next couple of weeks really focusing on healing foods and a variety of foods. So easy to get in a food rut. So here is what i ate today.

1 apricot
1 cup of coffee

1/2 butternut squash
avocado, lime juice, garlic
cherry tomatoes
spinach, argula,
white onion, carrots, kale
olive oil and sea salt

RAw walnuts
Green olives with garlic

spinach, argula,
brown rice pasta, cherry tomatoes, zuchnii, capers, black olives, olive oil and sea satl

1 Mango

I drank about 90 onces of water today too! Today was a relaxing day. I took a hot bath, did yoga poses and just relaxed

Tomorrow i will work out and do more. But i wanted to take it easy today.

Wish me luck.

Start Weight:

6/10- 133
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