Late night Monday, July 9th

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Been an interesting couple of days.
Going to sleep early (4-5 pm) and then
waking early (for me anyway) 4-5 am.

I forgot to factor in what is already in the freezer
so I will be using up what I already have . There
are at least 5 days of "Atkins breakfast/lunch" egg,
sausage, peppers and onions". The dinners of
Fiesta Taco Bowl and chili con carne will be what
I can afford . Eating two frozen lo-carb meals is really
costing a lot. I will probably deviate from the plan
some days, having scrambled eggs with sausage
homemade etc , I want to eat salmon at least once ,
preferring twice a week as well.

The bread (2 slices per day ) is a combination of
organic whole wheat, barley, rye, spelt, millet,
quinoa. 2 gm. fiber each., 3 grams protein. The
other "grain" is Belvita breakfast biscuit. It has
15 % fiber, 14 gm whole grains. This fulfills doc's
request for more fiber. I am now getting 27 gr.
fiber per day, way over what I used to get. I
also added 2 fat servings so I can counteract
the high protein (for my kidney disease.)

I drink a daily smoothie that has 1/2 c orange
juice (I ser), vit c,)1 6 " banana (2 ser.) frozen strawberries
(4 large/6 med,/or 7-8 small --1 sev). and 1 carton Greek
light yogurt (1 ser. dairy,) This fulfills doc's request for
more freggies. The yogurt has 12 gm of protein and gut
cultures. My veggies come from the peppers (red and green)
and onions in the Atkins meals. Since I haven't been able to
get used to my dentures, I can't really chew regular freggies.

The coconut bar is to prevent my binging on sweets, as well
as the peanut butter cups. No real nutrition but important
to me as a way to keep the rest of the "diet" lower sugar
impact. Yes, I know it isn't "diet worthy, but it is a compromise
that I can live with. I try to not eat the peanut butter cups for a
couple weeks at a time. The cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and
the cheese stick are to give me snacks/meal of protein. This plan
is lower carb (102).

My doctor has never really given me a "diet" plan. He does make
it clear he wants me to lose. So far, this plan has helped me with
that goal The 15 pounds that I have lost is proof that it helps me
to lose and pretty healthy for the most part. He also knows most
of what I eat and is thrilled that the weight is coming off.

Tomorrow/today is my CPAP compliance appointment.
Called the people and asked them to send a faxed
copy of the info to the doc.. I get daily info on how
I am doing, but I can't print it out I hope this is the
end of this ordeal. I really don't need more problems,
I am juggling enough.

I am hoping to get some exercise in today (Tues).
Monday I walked over 2000 steps and walked all the
way around the house spraying weeds. Cleaned the
trash can after it was dumped and walked to the mail box.

I plan to continue refining the plan, as more info comes in.
My other goals are to protect my kidneys, lower my blood
sugar, make exercise a regular part of my life, regulate my
sleep and enjoy my life.
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