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Results of Yesterday's Famished Day

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

So, yes, some days will be like that. I'll be hungrier and more vulnerable in making food decisions. What helped most is the awareness, and blogging sure does clarify and focus me on the issue of the day.

After awareness came all the good advice via responses. Yes, more water. Yes, protein. Yes, planning.

I knew that I should stay away from certain things yesterday since my entire physicality was wrapped around food. Like no eating out. (which I don't do often anyway) Like not jumping up and acting on impulses as thoughts of yummy stuff flashed in my mind's eye. Like making sure to drink enough water. (which I usually do anyway)

I knew that I'd go beyond my calorie range, but pre-determined that I'd make healthy choices. The results were good. Not fabulous, but better than they would have been prior to my new habit of food tracking.

If I know it has to go into the food tracker, I'm more reluctant to see it on the screen and it's a bit of a deterrent. Today I'm back to my "normal" self (whatever that is), and don't feel like the hunger monster (cousin of the cookie monster on sesame street) any longer.

Yes, there are always going to be those vulnerable days. But I feel more armed with good tools to deal with them now. Have a good day, friends.
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