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It's Amazing How Many Childhood Memories are Linked to Food

Saturday, August 25, 2018

It's no wonder that eating habits are so hard to break. Raised in an extended family of amazing cooks, meals were special bonding events around delicious dishes cooked with love by my dear grandmother and, sometimes, aunts. Childhood memories, besides the beach and numerous other places, consist of smells and tastes that combined with unconditional love as the food was served up. Even when we went to the beach, my aunt packed gourmet lunches that I can still taste in my mind's eye.

Perhaps it is that connection to their love that I have such a hard time giving up some of my eating habits. I still miss them all and the food is the symbolic embodiment of all the wonderful things they gave me.

Wishing all a happy, healthy day.
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  • no profile photo CD22750510
    So true -- even from a family that wasn't with great cooks, just those who loved to share their love through food.
    687 days ago
    So true! And food is still an important bond at social events
    687 days ago
    I felt so jealous reading about your delicious and loving childhood!
    Until I realize that is exactly the experience I am providing for my grandchildren, who
    we spend a lot of time with, especially these last few years as their dad is sick.
    My poor mother was a terrible cook, but understandably as she was feeding 14 of us, so her priority was mass quantities of inexpensive food!
    We never went hungry exactly but there were no seconds or leftovers, either.
    688 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/26/2018 10:15:00 AM
  • LSIG14
    It never fails to amaze me how much of our growing up memories revolved around food. Mealtimes on the farm were a time for sharing and caring as well as eating what everyone else cooked. But the difference was that we ran it off or worked it off when we were younger and now we sit and the pounds pile on. (It all was whole foods back then - fast food didn't exist!) Going back to cooking healthy food and eating according to activity level sounds like a plan but it's hard.
    688 days ago
  • no profile photo CD18045457
    So true we are conditioned to be how we are from young. How we grew up makes us how we are today. But if we really want to deep down inside of us we can and will find a way to change if we need or want to.

    My grandmother always being italian made big meals and my grandfather had a saying "Too much no good, plenty alright" lol
    689 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean. My stepmother would lock the kitchen cupboards
    and so now i have to have a lot of food around. More than enough for 2 people,
    but i am learning.
    689 days ago
    You speak the truth!!
    689 days ago
    I have many childhood memories based on food. All of them funny now, because they involved horrid nasty tasting experiences that were unforgettable. I don't have any relatives that are decent cooks. emoticon
    689 days ago
    689 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Yes, eating with extended family was always the best. Everyone cooked their best dishes and I enjoyed them all. Boy, I still crave some of them....however, the great cooks, in my family, have all gone now.
    689 days ago
    I remember the big holiday meals with way too much food! Picnics were the same way.
    689 days ago
  • EISSA7
    My Mom, bless her heart, was definitely NOT a cook...the only memorable meal was the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey and trimmings....much of the time we ate such disgusting meat as squirrel, raccoon,
    Or rabbit. To this day, I eat nothing that ever had fur on it!!
    689 days ago
    after my parents divorce my dad left us , mom tried to feed all five of us plus work, so i often had to make chunky soup and rice, hamburger helper , and plain pasta for us. on sundays my mom would make us tea and toast and we would watch the football games all afternoon. later we started eating at my grandparents on sunday and my uncle jokingly called us savages because we would eat everything in sight, over 40 years later i still eat to fast and buy way to much food because i subconsciously feel that it could all be gone in an instant. i try really hard to eat more like my grandparents not out of a box or can, hugs so happy you grew up with great cooks,
    689 days ago
    Hearing your reflections on days gone by is very nice. Sounds like you had a very nice childhood. The only meals I can remember eating together as a family were Sunday afternoons. Both my parents worked and my father worked 2nd shift so was not home for weekday meals. And he was sleeping when we got up so we had to be super quiet in the a.m. and during the day.
    689 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23266885
    I agree. Most of the family's best times together always included great food.
    689 days ago
    689 days ago
    You are right, of course -- but there are also lots of childhood memories for me that are NOT linked to food. But rather to activities -- skiing, swimming, walks in the woods, working in the garden are among my happier memories.

    And: many of my food memories are actually pretty unpleasant. Compulsion to eat foods I did not want or like. Overcooked veggies, gristly, fatty meats, superabundance of sweets and cookies but limited access to fruits which were "expensive". Tensions at the dinner table over spills on the table cloth or chipping expensive china etc. etc.
    689 days ago
    i so agree. every event, no matter how small, was associated with food. and its really hard to let that go...
    689 days ago
    Wow, what a blessing to have talented cooks in the family! That would be very hard to give up! Treating food with the respect it deserves. Served with loving kindness. Real meal times. Not scarf and go.
    I was brought up on packages because Mom worked three jobs and was too tired to cook although she would try for one meal on a weekend once in a while and on special occasions. Mom was an only child so no relatives. I didn't gain weight until my 20's after a severe whole body flare put me on permanent disability and I found myself suddenly an enforced couch potato. That taught me to be appreciative of movement and how grateful I was to be able to walk again. And to do my best never to get laid up again by keeping everything moving. So exercise was never an issue. Emotional eating was though.
    Here is to fueling the body with loving kindness and respect!
    689 days ago
    That’s my family. Every event revolved around food.
    689 days ago
    My family was very food oriented too. Every occasion centered around food. Sunday dinners were special. Even weekday suppers were fairly elaborate by today's standards. No burger and fries. Holidays were Norman Rockwell paintings. We could look at the table and know we were loved.
    689 days ago
    Yes, my family was that way too. And my best memories are the many cookouts at Coronado Beach and Balboa Park with my visiting cousins and the dinners at brownstones back east when we visited them. Yes the memories food evoke fill my heart. And I want to re-visit so bad.
    689 days ago
  • LORELEI781
    You were lucky to have such a big family.
    689 days ago
    Sounds very familiar to me... and a hard thing to break. emoticon emoticon
    689 days ago
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