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The not-so-hungry caterpillar

Monday, August 27, 2018

I never know what each day will bring, as I face not only obesity, but other health issues that fight for center stage. This week was rough, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday taking the cake.

I wasn't able to do any real workout for these 3 days, and today doesn't look promising either. I am having issues with my gall bladder. If none of you have ever had an issue with yours, mark yourself blessed. Nausea, flank pain, some abdominal pain and many trips to the bathroom. Then by Saturday night, I was dehydrated. And now I am dealing with a migraine, probably as a result of not eating enough and being dehydrated, and now also tired even though I slept a lot over the weekend. However last night, sleep was difficult. And food.. well, I can barely eat anything. Bread and yogurt have been kind to me. Gatorade has been a lifesaver.

If I am being honest, (and what's the point of blogging if I'm not), I feel like I am failing myself in some small way because I am not being active. And at the same time, I know I need to listen to my body and do what is necessary. Being easy with myself has never been something I am good at doing.

I feel like I am about to start babbling, so best I end it here. Wishing myself a smoother week, and sleep. And for those of you reading this, may your week be blessed with positive days and good health.
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