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The Milestones That Count

Thursday, August 30, 2018

180 foam fingers lost, LOL. It's also 360 sticks of butter. If the people at the store wouldn't get mad, I might put 90 boxes of butter in my cart, just to get a look at it. I won't.

Last week, I passed 1000 days on SP. Today, I logged a new milestone, this one weight-related. I hit 90 lbs gone. It's awesome and I'm happy, but lately, I've learned to be happier about other things.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled. This is my lowest weight in adult life. I think the last time I was at this weight was my junior year of high school. I'm definitely forging new territory here. I still have a little bit to go. But...these are the real victories I'm savoring (NSVs if you will):

Wearing an XL shirt and leggings (sometimes just Large) instead of 4X
Size 14 jeans instead of 26 or 28
I was kinda sad when I walked right out of one of my favorite pairs of shoes because my feet shrank, but BONUS: new shoes, c'mon!
Not shopping the plus-size department anymore; not needing wide-calf boots
Doing stairs without getting out of breath
Running two 5Ks (okay, mostly running. There was some walking)
Vigorously exercising and not feeling as if I'm about to pass out
Speaking of feeling like dying... I can't remember the last time I had heartburn
Not being hot all the time. Summer barely bothered me this year, except for a few super humid days
Going to the doctor and not getting the weight lecture
Not dreading the scale!
Crossing my legs (I kinda abuse that ability now)
Fitting in theater seats and booths without a squeeze
Not worrying about weight limit on chairs
Normal bloodwork
No guilt about what I eat (because I always have a plan, even for treats)
More confidence
More willpower
Not feeling like people are judging me
Motivating other people
Not being recognized by people who haven't seen me in a while
Collarbones. I have them. I can see them!! That's one of my favorites.

There are a million little things. Especially when the scale isn't moving, I pay attention to what IS happening and how far I've come. I hope as you're going along that you're keeping track of your victories too. The journey and the milestones are far more than the numbers on the scale.
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