September - new plans include less computer time till I get new laptop

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Sept - Completed Diabetic Weight Loss challenge and am the lowest weight I have been in 37 years ...saw 204# three days this week so am claiming it!!!

Plan for new month _
***Still have goal of ONEderland __Be healthier, happy, lose weight & maintain/improve mobility and balance
***DIET is a way of living : Eat to live!!! Food is fuel - not entertainment or reward.
General umbrella of Trim Healthy Mama with JUDDD and leaning towards KETO with LOW Saturated fats ***Gluten free for celiac, ***Heart healthy and anti-inflammatory, ***LowCARB for Dx of pre-diabetic
***GOAL: to get fasting blood sugars under 100 I need dietary carbs max to 30 NET CARBS and shoot for the 20 per day. Using Net Carbs methods seems to be the preferred Diabetic measure so am learning to do that daily.
***MOBILITY efforts are for neuropathy and arthritis that are advancing frighteningly fast. ***Pedometer met average of 3800 per day last week Increase goal to 4000 with absolute minimum of 2500 steps per day ***Note that stationary bike is very good full range of motion for hip and knees and decreases pain the FOLLOWING day!!!
***Walk outside with two canes - USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!
***Use stairs and record how many flights of 13 stairs 2-3 flights per day - more than three is too much of knee and hip pain and brings swelling
***GOAL of Mini-trampoline [REBOUNDER] usage remains present but Still not consistently doing - start at 5 min./day and increase 2 minutes per week .
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