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I think I'd rather be the Tortoise

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

I was sitting here this morning, and thinking about things, how I wish that losing weight was easy, or at least "fast", you know, like that hare can be super fast. But then I remembered that story, oh not the whole thing, but just that even though the hare was super fast, at least that's how it seemed to the tortoise, that hare, he was also easily distracted. I mean like "oooh SHINY" easily distracted. On the other hand that tortoise, was not easily distracted, and just kept plodding slowly but surely on, toward the finish line. I have been easily distracted recently (like the last year). I have had a very "oooh SHINY" mentality, and it just doesn't work for me. I know this, you probably know this. But I hate the slowness, but I can't be faster. I have to relearn how to eat properly (something I never actually had to learn before). I also need to learn to not stop, not give up. I just need to remember that by going slowly the tortoise actually reaches the finish line, and the hare ends up wandering off (not sure that's how it actually goes, but for my blog he wandered off). I also need to keep trying to find new ways to stay motivated. I used to look at this challenge like an old style D&D battle/quest, and it worked wonderfully for a while, like more than a year and a half. Imagining each challenge I faced as a D&D style monster/creature rather than some faceless, oft times nameless struggle. I don't know about you, but if you can put a face to something, doesn't it seem a bit easier to battle? Maybe it's just me.

Well along the way, it stopped working, or maybe I just stopped caring about seeing it that way. And I got lost (again), and have been fighting to see a way out of this maze that I've stumbled in to. And I've still not found the path to the center, or even out of the blasted maze, but I'm working on a plan. And this time it's being structured around things I used to love as a kid/teen, and that I still wish I could do. And the idea came, from (of all things) my love for disaster movies, and I don't mean like Volcano, I mean like The Day After Tomorrow disaster movies. I also for some reason I have never been able to ascertain, love some zombie movies, not all of them, just some of them, and I won't comment on TWD if you don't.

So what is this new plan I am building, you ask? It's structured around survival skills. And rewards are going to be in part picked from things around survival skills. So things I am striving to learn/do, just a few things. First Aid, Hiking, not just walking, but Hiking, hunting (not to actually hunt, but so that I know how to if I have to), map reading (what if you can't get a signal on your phone?). And my rewards will be things like great hiking shoes or boots (I'll go ask an expert when I get that far), a hunting knife, a tent and camping gear. Things that are useful, and based on things I used to love. I loved camping, I love to fish, I've not done either in more years than I can actually count, but I loved both. My HUGE goal, at the very end, that I am aiming for? I want to be able to hike part, not even a large part, but a part of the Appalachian Trail, and then camp for a night or two, and hike back. Having an actual goal, not just weight loss might actually help me, I know all the benefits of losing weight. I can also NOW tell you some of the bad "benefits" of losing weight, so that goal is majorly iffy for me. But something I'd love to do? Like hike? Yeah, that's something I can aim for. And I'll see it come true, or die trying. lol
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    I love the story of tortoise and the hare. The main thing about the story that applies to our journey to better health is that they both finally reached the goal. The hare may be easily distracted and felt he had plenty of time to beat the tortoise, but he did eventually get there. We will, too, if we don't give up. Slow progress is still progress. I have a couple of art glass turtles on my desk to remind me to stay focused. It probably should be the hare with my track record! But we never give up and we will make it.
    Love how you are seeing your journey now and reaching for things you used to like to do, like hiking and camping, and wonderful rewards.
    731 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I agree
    758 days ago
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