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How to resist temptations

Friday, September 07, 2018

Stick a gold star in your diary every time you resist. Then next time you are tempted, you can look back and count how many gold stars you have, and it will help you to resist again. As you progress on the Dukan Diet and other low-carb diets such as Paleo, Atkins and Keto, it will get easier and easier, as the biochemical addiction to sugar and starchy carbs fades quite quickly when we cut them out entirely and replace them with protein and good carbs from vegetables. The emotional addictions take much longer to work out, as comfort eating is often a life-long habit.
It is great to be able to cry and release emotions that way, instead of trying to suppress them with food. Don't eat your feelings. Some people find writing in a diary cathartic. Write a letter to the person who treated you badly or ended your relationship, tell them what you really feel, but do not post it. Make a list of the things that you find frustrating at work, and another list of things that you could do to fix them, then maybe try to implement some, one by one. If you feel tired at the end of the day and this is leading to overeating, this will go away now that you are nourishing your body with real Dukan food, protein, vegetables and dairy, and not making it drowsy with junk food. Also you will no longer have the insulin rollercoaster that follows a sugar hit, your blood sugar will stabilise and this will help your emotions too.
Other suggestions: go for a walk, and take each day one day at a time.
And every night before going to sleep, write down three things that you are grateful for on that day, or mention these in your prayers.
It is hard but we can do it.
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