Day 240 running for my life

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Ok not literally but kind of. My daughter wants to be able to run a 7min mile by graduation. I agreed to run with her. We researched and settled on the c25k program. Neither of us are runners right now but she is half my age so I decided to do a few preview runs before the official start date so I wouldn’t be left so far behind. 20 years ago this run would have been no problem. In fact I did it daily and loved it. Today I struggled. I wasn’t sure I could do it at all. The timer on the app said 8 minutes left I was on a run cycle. I decided I couldn’t do anymore. So I made the decision to finish this run cycle and walk the rest of them. I didn’t realize that the cool down was included in the timer. And my run cycles were finished. I MADE IT!!!! I did the first run. I finished it. I was slow but I did it. I hated every minute of it until it was done now I feel amazing.
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