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It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I have one more acupuncture session left at the end of September, and my treatments have been a huge factor in my hip sprain and plantar healing. That said, at my last session, I asked my doc if I had correctly found two acupressure points, from my research, that suppressed appetite.

My doc said no. And then went on to give me a brief opinion. She feels that it is not healthy to suppress appetite as hunger is a tool that our body uses to signal the need for food. She believes that a person should learn healthy eating rather than do anything that suppresses hunger. I've read the same for coughing, when ill. That the body being suppressed leads to other possible problems as we cough for a reason.

I'm back to my regular walks and am thrilled - on one hand. But on the other hand, I became lazy during the time I had to give up walking. Getting back to it has been as much psychological adjustment as well as physical, even for someone like me who loves it. Since I've been walking again, I've given myself a short break from the gym exercise classes. Back to them tomorrow.

The bottom line here is that I can become very lazy, very fast. Sad, but true. Hope all stay safe during the incoming hurricane. There's a live camera tracker, if interested. https://sportsmansparadiseonli
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  • RR1_RR1
    But what if your still hungry after eating a salad? lol. My friend does acupuncture for her knee pain she says it does wonders. I wonder if theres accupunture for being in a bad mood all the time...hmm. Now you got me thinking. Well I hope the hurricane isnt in your vicinity...turning on the news now.
    662 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Take care of yourself.
    663 days ago
    thats where i like keto. no hunger no cravings. i actually have to force myself to eat.

    good job on the walking!

    663 days ago
    I'm not sure,
    suppressing appetite sounds like a double bluff to me.
    I mean, there are so many artificial and hyperpalatable food-like products that produce unnaturally strong appetite, suppressing that may be a good idea after all!
    663 days ago
    There just aren't any tricks around healthy eating... Sigh! :)
    Glad you're once again able to enjoy your walks. I'll have to do my long walk after work today. I look forward to it - it's still pretty hot here though.
    happy Friday!
    663 days ago
    Glad you are on the mend...The laziness that you call it is a change in routines or habits...I hear you as my summer slow down from a regular active afternoon daily has resulted in a stalled weight loss plan & belly fat from the carbs I started to crave. Plantar issues are brutal...hope you are recovering well from that!
    663 days ago
    I agree with your doctor about hunger. That being said too many people are eating for other reasons unrelated to hunger and if you are truly hungry then you won't mind eating something healthy. Unfortunately hunger can be caused by eating unhealthy food as it usually raises your blood sugar and then drops it. So if you eat right, hunger is natural and occurs when it should. I'm glad you are doing better.
    663 days ago
    Sounds like you're on a good, healthy plan. Thanks for the 'link'. emoticon
    663 days ago
    Your doctor makes a great point. I'm like you, after being idle after an injury I get lazy too. However, I shake it off after a few days. I wish you the best.
    663 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    I like your doctor, she sounds like she has a good philosophy about eating and food.

    Keep pushing, babes! You're worth the work.
    664 days ago
    The title of your blog reminded me of many coastal areas.

    We've had our annual Girl's Week at Ocean Isle Beach, NC 8 times. It's become a tradition to go out to the other end of the island (we are on the 'condo end'; the other end is single unit houses) and see what damage has been done. There are houses on 4th Street that are now beach front...what does that tell you? There is natural land erosion from the pounding waves, but it's been made worse by the attempts to redirect the current in other areas. That just made the current MUCH stronger at this end of the island.

    Unfortunately, mankind seems to think 'we can do it better'. And refuses to learn from past mistakes.

    I hope the damage isn't too severe and that no lives are lost. The pictures of the storm are very scary.

    As far as laziness...I am definitely an active couch potato. I do GREAT with my morning & evening exercise. It's all those hours in between that I need to move around more.

    664 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2018 8:40:46 AM
    yep i get lazy fast also, glad you foot is healing have a great weekend
    664 days ago
    Sounds like a great doctor....listening to the body is best.
    Enjoy your walks emoticon Have a fabulous day! emoticon emoticon
    664 days ago
    Lazy? Doesn't matter . . . but if you need a label, why not label yourself " the come back kid" or "resilent" or "persistent"??

    Yeah. Good for you for getting back at it. When you could.
    664 days ago
  • MARUKI52
    We definitely need to get back to listening to our bodies but how many people, with eating, are doing other things at the same time like watching the tv or looking at a computer or phone?
    664 days ago
    Listening to your body is the best advice. Happy walking! emoticon
    664 days ago
    I think most people would be lazy if given half the chance, its easier after all. Good on you overcoming it!
    We certainly have lost touch with listening to our bodies -lack of good sleep, eating whenever instead of when you truly need food. We need to get back to it.
    664 days ago
    664 days ago
  • BEAR0011
    After working Sun-Thurs after not working for 9 years, I ended up taking today as a lazy day and did nothing and barely any steps. Tomorrow I am taking a walk at the State Park for scenery and fresh air and a change of pace.
    664 days ago
    Your doctor is probably right. My doctor also liked coughing up to a point. At night sleep shouldn't interrupt sleep.
    664 days ago
    664 days ago
    I too have a proclivity to laziness that I must continually fight. Doesn't take much for me to fall in its tempting trap.
    664 days ago
  • LSIG14
    I think your doctor is absolutely right - if we just listen to our body, it will tell us what it needs. We need to stop trying to manipulate our bodies and pay attention to what they are telling us!

    664 days ago
    Hope you are healing well and back on track soon. Take care of you!
    664 days ago
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