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Part 2. More Pool Chlorine Research. Soooooo Disappointed.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Well, after writing yesterday's blog, I decided that more research might balance out the negatives of chlorine and justify my still going to the pool for aerobics. Just the opposite. Not only was the research far worse, but it also made my disappointment all the more palpable.

I forgot to include a couple of details in my last blog. My vulnerability is my respiratory system, and I've worked very hard to rebuild my immune system after several things in the last few years. I've been attending the pool class 3-4 times a week, along with other forms of exercise. Throughout my day, I'd wonder things like, "Gee, why am I wheezing?" "Why is there phlegm when I don't have a cold?" "Why is my skin so irritated?" "What is this burning sensation in my lungs?"

Okay, I get it. No more pool. Another thing I forgot to mention previously is that, despite this gym being one of the nicest in the area, it has mgt that has been remiss in taking the best possible care of the pool. There have been "issues" I've recently learned that I won't go into as you'll want to puke. I almost did when I learned about them.

Needless to say, the reason I am so disappointed is that I enjoyed it so much. However, I just can't risk my health after working so hard to stay healthy. My number one priority since joining SparkPeople has been to maintain good health. Weight loss is goal number two.

I read Dr. Andrew Weil's article in which he substantiates his info with studies that point up asthma and bronchitis significantly. Okay, enough said and I guess I've belabored this topic in order to drive home to myself that there are too many negatives that outweigh enjoyment of pool aerobics. In my case, I can't do "just a little bit." So I've now got to stop being a disappointed baby and put on my big girl pants to accept the new reality. This isn't the biggest problem in the world or in my life for that matter. But it was a simple pleasure.

Wishing all a wonderful day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So sorry for your loss of the pool--however, what a blessing you wrote this post. I had NO idea. Thank you so much! I have a similar issue, I'd not solved yet.
    589 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    When we had our pool, I bought a Nature2 filter for it. It piggybacked the regular sand filter and the only time I Needed chlorine, was to shock it. I only had to test the water about once a week. They are great, because you can drink the water, it is safe for babies, anybody with severe skin problems.
    I miss my pool.
    590 days ago
  • MARUKI52
    I had to give up swimming in a pool many years ago. I was a regular swimmer and really enjoyed it but I began to find that I couldn’t get rid of the smell of chlorine after swimming. I used to shower at the pool and then, because I could still smell the chlorine I had another shower when I got home and I used a special shampoo and body wash that was supposed to remove chlorine from the skin and hair but I still smelt of chlorine.
    The crunch came when I slowly but surely realised that not only could I not rid myself of the smell of chlorine but my skin started being itchy. It took me a while to suss out that it was the chlorine that was at fault because swimming in salt water did not have the same effect and it was only on days when I went to the pool. By that time my skin was feeling itchy for more than just the day I went swimming so I decided the only thing it could be was the chlorine in the water. Some days when I went into the pool area the smell of chlorine was very strong and very unpleasant so, in the end, I decided that much as I loved swimming, and it was my go-to exercise as I loved it so much, swimming in a pool and I would have to part company.
    Once I stopped going it took quite a while for my skin to stop itching but in the end it did, thank goodness. I was pretty upset that the cause of my problems was the chlorine as I had read that some swimming pools had started using salt instead of chlorine but, unfortunately, none of the local pools used salt so that was the end of my swimming days at the pool.

    591 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I was missing going to the pool, but after reading your blogs... not so much.
    591 days ago
    I have asthma and I also have the problem with chlorine.
    Luckily, when I visit my friends, I don't mind using their salt water pool.
    You made a good decision for your health.
    591 days ago
    Bummer. Hope you find another exercise you like as well
    591 days ago
    Sorry it had to end, but yes, heard all about the gross stuff on pools. Don't need it either. A pool cleaned by ozone would be better. Maybe you will find something else that will Spark your interest.
    591 days ago
    591 days ago
    it is disappointing when we have to stop doing something we love for our health . i am hoping you can find something to fill the void. Hugs
    591 days ago
    Its has to be a disappointing to you. Do what you must!
    591 days ago
    That is so disappointing! I went to a pool once, where I got a strange rash - twice. Both times I ended up at the dermatologist's office and both times they did biopsies. It turned out to be a very strange form of dermatitis both times. Then I looked up the inspection by the health department. I cancelled my gym membership. The health department closed the place down within six months of me leaving.
    591 days ago
    591 days ago
    I'm wondering if there is a "salt water" pool in your town that offers pool aerobic classes . . . maybe in a newer recreation centre?

    So sorry that you are disappointed: but absolutely you've done your due diligence and made the right decision (and thanks for sparing the deets which I can only just imagine . . . )
    591 days ago
    P.S. ... I also stopped using the facilities to shower after my workout. Every time I look at those floors with puddles of water, I can just see bacteria and I do not desire any fungal infections, which are notorious in places like this. Sorry to be gross ... I just come home and shower in home sweet home.
    591 days ago
    First, I do not think you are being a big baby at all. One just can't ignore the findings especially when you realize you have some of the symptoms warned of. I as well often got in bed at night and could hear myself 'wheezing' ... thinking what on earth is wrong with me?" ... (I do know I am allergic to bleach, and isn't bleach and chlorine akin to one another? .... One thing that made my decision to stop made it easier for me. The pool went 'co-ed' ... and it annoyed me to no end when I came in between cases to do my own water aerobics, men and women both clustered around in a circle for their 'gab fest' ... with little to none exercise taking place. I felt like a sardine. Enuf said. Have other things to do that will suffice.
    Last ... Water does feel wonderful but, like the Ocean, one does not what lurks within. Ok, silencio for me.
    591 days ago
    I miss my pool. When you maintain it yourself and limit the people who use it you don't have too add so much chlorine. Public pools are nasty. Gyms are nasty. Public places are nasty. Unfortunately it is how it is.
    591 days ago
    I wonder if an outdoor pool would have as many risks as indoor, since there is better ventilation.
    591 days ago
    you have to do whats best for you.
    591 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    I have asthma, but sounds like your allergic to something for sure in that pool- sounds more like an allergy. Welp now we are in the same boat- other workout alternatives I guess.:(
    591 days ago
    Oh my goodness...I don’t blame you one bit!
    When I first lost weight and moved to running (after walking 4-5 miles most days for a few years) I did not learn proper stretching and ended up with bursitis in both hips...ouch!
    My doctor said my running days were over and I was so disappointed.
    Sadly, it has become a chronic condition for me, 8years now, despite multiple rounds of PT, cortisone shots, etc.
    We all have to adapt to our bodies’ needs, I guess.
    591 days ago
  • READY201811
    Sorry! It is a big loss , an ending, a final stop to something you enjoyed and were committed and faithful to. The difference you made with the others that were there. The guy you helped when no other person did, the positive comment you received from an aquaintence. Having a sense of belonging and something you enjoyed because of how it made you feel. I had to give up jazzercise and I still feel letdown. Yes you will find something else but it won’t be the same.
    591 days ago
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