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Fitbit friends, Beware !

Saturday, November 24, 2018

I have been talking to a person from fitbit on my phone for a little over a month now. He ? goes by the name Patrick B. W. on fitbit. He asked to text me instead of using fitbit to talk and I was ok with that. I wanted someone to talk to and encourage as well as be encouraged since going into winter, I always struggle to get my steps in.

He appears to be a scammer. I say, "appears" because he asked for a $100 iTunes card as an emergency for work and I know you can get them online. He said he needed it for a update for his pipeline job presentation which should be able to be done from the job. He set off my radar a few times asking about my finances (credit card debt), where I bank, etc. but he always dropped it when I asked why it was important to know that.

He talked of being honest in all relationships (friends or more) and how he had lost his wife 5 years ago but was now looking for his second soul mate. I made it clear I am not looking for that, just need a friend and he said he was ok with that. He talked about how love is everything in life and how important it was to him. He was nice and he did not seem to mind talking about mundane things going on in my life or his. He says he is a millionaire and will send pictures of his home or someone's home. I made it clear I am not interested in his money, just friendship.

I guess I am blogging about this to warn all you people that use fitbit. I have had friend requests several times on there from people with a male picture but says female in bio. I ignore these requests but he seemed real. I was not looking for a relationship and that is why. I always seem to attract the weird ones, the users.

I am so DISAPPOINTED. In the past this would have sent me over the edge, binge eating, beating myself up mentally, giving up because I am not worth it. Thank God, I have grown, I have learned, I am loving myself. I am grateful I have my friends here that I have met in person and was able to see a normal relationship. Always trust your intuition.

I long for that kind of relationship. Yes, my RV friends, I am talking about you. A man that will support me, not smother me or try to control me, that will not abuse me, that will listen if I have a bad day, that will help me with the chores, that is willing to RV and loves music, wine, and dogs... LOL !! Someone that will try my cooking even if he thinks he will die from it... LOL ! I know what I want. I am just not out looking for it. I am trusting God to bring it to me in his time because my husband material radar is broken.

The news today was talking about fake Uber drivers. It is not a safe world so please be diligent and stay aware to stay safe. Trust your gut. It is your angels keeping you safe.
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    149 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    This is one reason I dont have fitbit friends. I had some and even joined some groups, but I was overwhelmed trying to weed thru who was real and who was fake. If you get a friend request, be on fitbit or here or facebook, double check profiles and make sure they are for real.
    443 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    my goodness, I've never heard of this before! I can understand your disappointment and am glad that you didn't fall for his tricks.
    862 days ago
    That is something.... Things happen for a reason. Thanks for this blog and I am so happy I read it!! I just recently accepted a friend request on Fitbit which is (I think a guy!!) who keeps messaging me. I of course have been ignoring them. My gut says he is a creeper!! Now to unfriend him - have no clue!! Hugs,
    889 days ago
    emoticon this happened to you. I've had a few on fitbit friend requests that are guys with a female bio and no other info. Be careful.
    893 days ago
    What a s*** head he/she is! If he's a millionaire, why does he need your $100. Grrrrrr. Sorry you were exposed to that.

    Love you,

    893 days ago
  • JAMER123
    TC, I think everyone ahead of me has said the same as I would have. We had a lady in our park in the RGV who got hooked into by eon guy and he had her sell everything and send the money to him so he could build a home for them in San Antonio. Scammed. Not once but 3 times did this happen to her. She did finally marry the last one and they are doing well. Some people don't have the inner warning signal that you and many others do. (Her last scammer called himself Kenneth Cole)
    Keep that internal whisper going. You know it's your angels and God with you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    893 days ago
    I'll tell you one thing....there is NOTHING wrong with YOU or your intuition! Call it what you may, your intuition is God talking to you! Any man who asks for money should be shut down immediately! If he were a millionaire (come on, did he really think you'd believe that?) he certainly wouldn't need to ask you for anything, let alone money! I was dating a man once who asked me for $1000 so dont feel bad! Needless to say he was kicked to the curb!

    I am so sorry this happened but it can happen to anyone, especially online. Dont feel bad, you did the right thing by breaking contact with him. Those pictures may not even be the person you were talking to!!
    The nerve of some people never ceases to amaze me!

    After I had been dating awhile between husbands, I got so fed up with all the losers out there that I quit and told God that I would live the rest of my life alone unless He would send me a man who (then I listed everything I wanted in a man) A few weeks later I met Matt and over time found that he had every quality I had privately asked God for. It was then I knew that my prayer was answered! You are doing the right thing by waiting on God but make your request specific when you ask!
    Hugs, Chris
    893 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I swear on my emails I have over fifty requests from only men from Fitbit site to 'be my friend'. I do not friend any as I know it's all phony. My computer is old, will not update windows 10 so I can't use the Fitbit app or program on my computer. I must have a real 'loser' look on there to get hit on so much with replying to none. I am sure some are repeats with different fake photos. I learned long ago that some are good men but most on online things one must have armor on and ears and eyes wide open. You should have asked him for money.
    It is too bad you wasted time with him. So many users out there in this world taking advantage of people.
    893 days ago
    TC emoticon
    As you know...Alex and I met online 20 years ago...
    Both of us were in the process of getting divorced ( we found this out as time went on )
    We both had really unhappy marriages that we stayed in * because of the kids * and we both were just looking for a friend to talk to....
    We talk on ICQ Chat ( NOW...thats an oldie! ) ...and we emailed but never did we talk money and finances.
    We both backed out of our first planned face to face ....we were 50 and back then there were horror stories about meeting someone online in person ( even men got conned by women....and women ended up dead at times )
    The second time we planned to meet face to face....we had chatted and emailed and by then even talked on the phone BUT the meeting was 13 months from when we first met online!
    The only money that ever came up was after we met face to face and we knew we kinda * liked* each other emoticon ....and we were planning when Alex would come back over to Canada ( he had better holiday options with his work...whereas I had 2 jobs to work around...) and it was ME that brought up a money issue!

    Told Alex it did not seem fair to me that he should be the one paying all the airfares just because I could not go over there....SO told him if he wanted to come back it only be if I paid his airfare next trip!
    OF course....his pride said NO WAY! I said how about we each pay half? Took a bit of me threatening that he could not come at all...LOL...but he finally agreed. know the rest of this story.... emoticon

    I have been playing Words With Friends for years now on FB....suddenly in the last 6 or 9 months....I have got * random* requests from unknown to me players...a couple of women were no problem....but the men!!!! Pains in the rear end....ended up blocking 3 of them! They never asked about money but wanted to go to chat sites versus just chatting as we played our turn on the game....
    When I * called * too poor to own a smart phone to one guy....he offered to buy me one....
    I kept reading all the S#%T they wrote to Alex but got tired *playing * with just blocked them!

    SO they are everywhere!
    Hang in there GF....took Alex and I 50 years to find each other....and I never had a list of what I wanted...Because of my bad marriage....
    I HAD a list of what I did NOT want.... emoticon
    As Alex and I got to know each other....I kept ticking off that list till it disappeared!

    Love you GF emoticon emoticon emoticon
    893 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am sorry this happened to you. In the past 6 weeks, I have had at least 3 men ask to be my Fitbit friend. One was named Patrick (don't remember his picture) and I added him. I thought about it and decided to unfriend him. Two other men have recently done the same thing. I see that they have nothing to show that they have walked any steps - or any other friends. It is good to be suspicious at this time. It is a shame that there are those scammers out there.
    893 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    HE is not a millionaire, he is a con artist, and he is a skank. HE is trolling for dollars to probably about a thousand people, checking off his list as he goes along. HE probably has codes for those who are rubes, those who are an easy mark, those who need some actual work to get the money squeezed out. Keep the correspondence in case of future police action. You may be picking his face out of an alias book someday.
    893 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14456645
    emoticon good intuition... glad your spidey sense is working!
    893 days ago
    I have gotten the impression from friends that this is fairly common in both men and women in social media. People are often looking for someone to pay their bills. Requesting and hinting for gifts and loans. Of course, a millionaire doesn't need to ask for a $100itune card. Plus it's kind of disturbing that he does want to talk about money, his and yours. I don't know for certain that he is a scammer but I would certainly be leery.

    I tried social media in the past and didn't like it, other than sparkpeople. I encountered a lot of freaks, male and female. If or when this happens don't blame yourself. It's not you. They are fishing. When I was single and dating I had some men want to move in with me as soon as they found out I was a nurse. Like this would be something that would appeal to me.

    There are nice people out there but they are probably somewhat shy as they have been through what you have. I have a lot of experience with dating when I was young up until my early 30s and found that the best men usually allowed women to approach them. They don't want to appear pushy or needy and they know that good women are not into that. I subtly let men know I was interested in them, not interested in a meal ticket, but interested in them. Then I stepped back and let them proceed from there. Good men don't like pushy, needy women either.

    Personally the picture with sunglasses and black leather jacket would have turned me off. Not my type. And what an ugly couch. LOL.
    893 days ago
  • EISSA7
    If it smells funny....get rid of it!! Glad that your intuition was on high alert!
    893 days ago
    so sorry Tc it does sound like he is a scammer like Sharon seen to many of them on Dr Phil So happy you seen clear through him and a new friendship nobody needs to know your $$$ situation that is for your eyes only . Please say alert and wise as you have been and keep praying Take Care my friend Hugs Love you
    894 days ago
    Unfortunate to have people like that preying on others. Keep it light with him, divert the conversation when it comes to things off limits like finances, etc., and don't get in any deeper. If he moves on to others, then he does. If he really is a friend, point out how uncomfortable the turn in the friendship took and see how he handles it. If he's a goner, then you'll know. If he apologizes and amends his ways, you've kept a friend. Hope it works out for the best.
    894 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    Yes, when they ask about finances and or money, it is usually a scam. I am glad you saw thru him.
    894 days ago
    TC - I am so sorry that the world is full of predators that pray on women who are lonely or seeking friendship. Thank God, you did not send him money and figured him out soon enough. I have watched too many Dr Phil shows with women that have lost everything they own to this type of scam. I am glad that you didn't fall for that. Keep praying and the Lord will send the right person to you. In the mean time, you have a lot of people that love and support you.
    894 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    894 days ago
    That is so awful. emoticon
    894 days ago
  • BATGURL250
    I'm glad you didn't send him any money!
    894 days ago
    894 days ago
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