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Still One Pound from ONEderland!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

This saying so SO true. No excuses. We love to make excuses and supposedly valid reasons for not making a change!

Well, I noticed on my last blog in November, I was three pounds away from 199 lb., or ONEderland. Scales are stuck on 200. It's very frustrating but things WILL change!

I am down 34 pounds from my heaviest ever on this 5'2" body. I like to think I carry the extra weight well as I was told years ago by a nurse I have "compact fat". Read as "harder to lose". I also found out in the 1990's out of frustration with weight loss, that I have a hereditary condition called dyslipidemia. I carry too much fat in my blood. Thanks to my grandmother who was under 5' and well over 200 lb. while she didn't eat much. It wasn't from lack of exercise. She raised five kids on a farm without the convenience of hydro or running water! Her mother was big, so assuming that's where it comes from.

At any rate, I am making a desperate attempt to get things in order around here and keep them that way. When things are out of kilter, I feel out of kilter. Not a good feeling!

I have been sleeping a lot, so that part of the equation is good. I don't crave garbage food and try not to eat it. My stepdaughter is doing no flour, no sugar and has lost quite a bit. How long she can sustain it since she broke up with her husband last week, I don't know. She was asking her mother to go on this eating plan with her. Her mother agreed.....for about two days! She's staying with her now for a bit, so hard to say. She's come a long way so I am hoping for the best for her. Her mother could lose about 100 or more pounds, but that's not my business. I have my own last 70 to worry about! I am breaking it into 5 lb. increments or mini-goals.

Christmas is just around the corner. It's going to be a fairly quiet one since hubby and I both work Boxing Day. Daughter is working Christmas Eve and Day so we will have granddaughter while daughter works.
This is my seven year old granddaughter in one of her Christmas pictures. She's a happy go lucky and usually well behaved girl who is the light of our lives.
She is one of the reasons I am not giving up on the weight loss.

All our crew and more will be here on the 30th. Less stress then and we can celebrate 2019 early as well. By then I WILL be hopefully a few pounds into ONEderland!

Hubby and I hosted a big Christmas party with the help of a nephew on Dec. 2nd. We had about 40 friends and family. I texted nephew about it last night about next year to see if we had the same weekend off to do it again. It will be our third Christmas party. Dec. 1st 2019 seems a long way away. Will I be down to my desired 130 lb. goal? It's doable.

And I'll be very well into ONEderland!

If you took the time to read this, I hope you have a wonderful day and stay blessed.
Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Or whatever you celebrate at this time of year!

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