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12/26/2018 Where I’m At Today, A Time of Gratitude

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Today is a good day.

I have reflected and here are the six steps I used to help reverse my Type 2 diabetes:

1. Eliminated the Sugars and the Wrong Carbs
My diet was full of refined carbohydrates which created high insulin levels and lead to insulin resistance, which finally turned into Type 2 diabetes. Chronically high insulin levels (810 blood-sugar) started leading me to many health problems, including inflammation, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancer, depression, cardiac arrest and coma. The most important way to reduce my risk of type 2 diabetes was to eliminate many items in my diet. This was accomplished by learning all the secrets in reading food labels.

2. Started Eating A Wholesome Diet
I started eating a diet full of unprocessed whole foods that helped balance my blood sugar levels, reduce oxidative stress and rid my body of inflammation. The nutrients found in whole foods also improved my body’s detox process to prevent or reverse insulin resistance and diabetes. I made sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with omega-3 fatty acids. Although with fruits I had to abstain from them for six months coming out of the hospital to help get my sugars down quicker. Now I need to eat enough fruits to help fuel my vigorous workouts.

3. Exercised
Staying active has done wonders for my health. Today I am an avid weightlifter, but that wasn’t the case in the beginning. I started out with just 5 minutes of brisk walking that helped to get my heart rate up. I eventually started jogging/running three to four miles a day. I had to find a workout that I enjoyed and incorporated it into my daily routine. Vigorous exercising helped to balance my blood sugar levels and lower my insulin levels.

4. Got Enough Sleep
Getting enough sleep was a vital part of keeping my body healthy and ensuring that everything functioned properly. The lack of sleep was damaging my metabolism, causing sugar spikes and carb cravings, which then increased my risk of type 2 diabetes. I was to make sure I was getting about eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

5. Reduced my Stress Levels
Chronic stress wreaked havoc on my body. It caused increased levels of insulin, cortisol and inflammation, among many other health issues. This caused weight gain, insulin resistance and eventually, type 2 diabetes. Managing my stress also helped balance my blood sugar levels to reduce my type 2 diabetes. Today, I learned how to meditate as I jogged and began taking up yoga.

6. Kept Track
Research has shown that people who track their results lose twice as much weight as those who do not. If your weight is putting you at risk for type 2 diabetes, find a healthy weight loss program and track your results, I found that SparkPeople worked for me. I had to make sure I was also getting the right nutrients to help balance my blood sugar levels while I worked to reverse the diabetes. I was eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and choosing the proper foods as to avoid suppliments or to replace them with the proper foods. This logging was very important because it helped to keep my mind from playing tricks on me. Today I have learned I have to be accountable to myself.

Today, two months later, after I am off all medications and it has been twenty-two months since I’ve been in the hospital that my blood-sugar seems to have stabilized and it is now at an 88 average. I currently take my blood tests three times daily and will eventually, take it to twice a day, mornings and night.

I need to stay dedicated to the program because I know I could backslide at any time.

Thank-you for all the feedback and support from everyone.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sleep and fiber were my 2 hardest goals to make. Love your blogs and the successful story of your willpower.
    385 days ago
    Very good blog Bill. So many people do not tell others how it's done. I to have Type-2 and I think the hardest part of having to do what we have to do to stay alive and get and keep healthy is to first admit to ourselves how serious Type-2 is and second hardest thing is to come to a mindset of what must be done everyday. I have done that too.

    But, unlike you I have not made the commitment of exercise yet. I know I must and I have been giving it some thought.

    It wasn't but 57 days ago that I made my commitment of NO More Sugar. Unlike you my BS readings had only been running between 250 to 300 a day for over a year. When I say ONLY that's compared to your 810 BS reading. But, I was having some symptoms that made me take action.

    So thank you for posting your story. I was feeling like I was alone in what I am doing (carbs wise). Even though we arrived at it in different ways. emoticon

    Merry Christmas 2019! emoticon (((Hugs))) Bobbie

    476 days ago
    Tks for the information. I am a pre-diabetic and can find this very useful.
    528 days ago
    Bill you are an inspiration! I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes too! I"m changing my diet drastically. I gave up sweet tea! No sugar in any form for me now. I've cut carbs, trying to learn what is good and what is bad! Is there a specific guideline on here? I"ve lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks. I have 45 lbs to go to my goal weight. I"m not on meds for this yet, and plan not to be! Thanks for this blog!!! You have helped me so much!!! I"m gonna follow you!.
    587 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/1/2019 7:16:17 PM
    Wow! So Bill, YOU Are My "It Can Be Done" Inspiration! I've been Type 2 Diabetic for over 30 years. Kept my A1c under 6.0 for all but the last year & 1/2. In Jan. 2018 had allergic reaction, Dr. Rx Prednisone - FBG went to 250! Never Came Down!
    634 days ago
    This is inspiring. You have made great progress.
    641 days ago
    I just found your page today. Saw that you sometimes battle depression.. I do to..You are very inspiring..Congrats to you
    689 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    748 days ago
    Thank you for posting your amazing story as a warning and an encouragement to others. I also appreciate that you made an encouraging comment or two on my challenge days posts! I am 69, prediabetic, and take it seriously because my paternal grandmother died from diabetes in her late 50's because she steadfastly refused to do what the doctor told her she must do. The family had a hard time getting over it, especially dad and his younger sister, the youngest of 5.

    774 days ago
    This is an amazing story Bill! Making small changes leads to bigger ones and lasting change - you are a testament to that for sure!!

    P.S. I also love weightlifting :)
    779 days ago
    Great blog!! I have found all the same things have been working for me when it comes to overcoming binge eating disorder. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!!
    829 days ago
    Great blog. I have type 2 diabetes and had a gastric bypass. Lost a lot of weight but gained back 30 pounds. Got off all diabetuc medicine but started eating wrong again. So far still off medicine but have to get back on track. Thanks for this.
    833 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22501331
    836 days ago
    Bill, You have done such excellent work! And, your experience speaks deeply to me because I come from a family in which diabetes runs rampant. It is an insidious disease; but, can be managed and for some reversed with lifestyle changes.

    Although I am not diabetic, the 6 areas you've enumerated have been instrumental aspects of my journey as well.

    Keep up the great work! And CONGRATULATIONS for making the lifestyle adjustments that made eliminating the medication a reality for you. emoticon emoticon

    836 days ago
    This is truly an inspiring blog. It's too sad that I can't get DH to take more initiative about his diabetes in particular and his health in general.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    836 days ago
    Fantastic! I'm working to lower my A1c and get off meds too. Truly inspirational.
    836 days ago
    FAntastic work! It is a job getting type 2 under control, but . . . it can be done! I did it, too. Congratulations!
    836 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    How Amazing that you are able to get off the medications. I really enjoyed reading this motivates me to do better as getting off some or all my meds. Keep up the great job!! emoticon emoticon
    836 days ago
    What a wonderful blog to read. Thank you so much for sharing, and inspiring me.
    837 days ago
    837 days ago
    This is great!
    837 days ago
    Great blog. Congrats to you, Bill.
    837 days ago
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