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News Re-Cap of 2018

Monday, January 07, 2019

Hello there, and thank you for joining our weather cast already in progress... As you may remember, this last year has been full of every kind of weather conceivable that tested our stamina and ability to go on at times. Let's take a look back...

Starting in January of last year I personally was hit with a "Tsunami of Desire" to hit the ground running with a weight loss plan including a recomittment to my Old Faithful Partner Sparkpeople. I knew that there is always plenty of support and fellowship with a sprinkling of "meh" weather to just ignore on this site, so I put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES and got on the road with you all once again to start my journey!

On January 8th I recorded my highest weight ever in my life at 285 pounds. HORRORS!!! I have been up to 282 lbs before, but this was an all time temperature high! Many of you know that this is the third, yes THIRD time I am losing 100 pounds (and more) in my time on this planet. Well, they say third time's a charm and so it is and so it will be! The first couple on months I had very good weather, all sunshine and light breezes. I lost just under 20 lbs. in the first two months and just knew the weather was going to be perfect for the rest of the year!

But that weather didn't last, as it always changes. I was hit with my Birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, etc. with all kinds of food weather that comes with them! So I went into my trusty closet whenever I was faced with different kinds of weather and dragged out my safety tools to help me trudge or sail through it.

For instance, I now know that when I am faced with a really "hot" meal at a restaurant, I need to look at the menu online first and make my food choices before I go so that I am set for the heat wave I will be hit with at said restaurant. I started this in Jan of 2018 and faithfully do this to this day. I have found it very helpful when the weather is HOT! This method was born out of necessity and has turned into my sunscreen shield of PERSISTENCE! I carry it with me everywhere I go in case of HOT WEATHER!

When There has been rain or sometimes a downpour of melancholy or sadness on the forecast, I have made sure that I have an UMBRELLA of good healthy food in my pantry and fridge at all times, stocked up for just such an occasion. I let myself wallow in my emotions just long enough to feel them and then lovingly let them go, while enjoying some of my favorite healthy comfort food under my umbrella of PATIENCE. I keep healthy comfort food available at all times. Low cal cheese sticks, 100 calories ice cream bars, 100 calories pack cookies or goldfish crackers, anything that makes me feel like I'm being a little naughty, but I'm really not. Being patient with myself both on this journey and also with myself personally has been a big lesson for me to learn. But now I take this tool with me everywhere I go.

When the weather is unpredictable, as it sometimes is in my neck of the woods, I like to take out my favorite tool. You know the one, I think you all have tried it a time or two on your journeys. It's the one I always have at the ready in any weather situation that I encounter. It's called PERSEVERANCE! When I find myself in a situation that I wasn't planning for weather wise, I simply pull out my "Do the Best You Can" jacket, and make the very best and least decision I can. If you are wondering what that means, here is a scenario: If I am ambushed by weather I wasn't planning on such as a neighbor stopping by with goodies, an impromptu lunch or dindin out with TLW or an unexpected party, gathering, get together or even a temptation in my own home, God Forbid, I make the best choice with the least consequences to my calorie intake. I know that this jacket will protect me and shield me whenever and wherever I go, no matter the weather.

The lessons I haven't learned in the past I guess I am learning now. After a year of good weather, bad weather and sometimes intolerable weather, I have found that I am strong in any kind of weather! I now know that this is a lifestyle for me and that I need to be prepared for any kind of weather that comes my way.

So, in conclusion for tonight's look back at the weather, just try to remember to always keep those three tools handy at all time, PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. I promise you can weather any type of weather with these three tools! They helped me to lose 60.2 lbs last year and you can bet I will be using them again this year to reach my goal weight. I know they can help you too!

Looks like it's going to be a great year of unpredictable weather!
Until next time, Peace Out. emoticon

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