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Self-Like vs Self-Love

Monday, January 07, 2019

I think that many people are put off by the concept of loving self. It sounds selfish. I myself, if asked, would say that I don’t feel toward myself the way I love my family and friends. It is a shoe that just doesn’t fit.

HOWEVER, I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin, even during those awkward high school years. Enjoy my own company and seldom feel lonely. Would pick myself as a friend if I met me in daily life. So, honestly, I think that’s a comfortable shoe I can wear. That I like myself. Which doesn’t mean perfectly happy with things that happen – like weight gain after being slim all my life. It just means acceptance of the entirety of who we are, warts and all. (smiling)

Self-like helps as time brings changes to my body. I can observe these changes and accept that this is the passage of time. If I didn’t already feel comfortable in my own skin, these changes would be almost intolerable. I think that’s why some people cannot stand the concept of aging. If you don’t already, start being a friend to yourself. Forget the mean things that were said to you as a child (or adult) and just start accepting and smiling over who you are.

Off to my first walk of the day. Was going to return to the gym today, but really resistant to it for some reason. Have a good day, SP friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good advice. "Enjoy my own company and seldom feel lonely. Would pick myself as a friend if I met me in daily life." Sounds like something I would say.
    542 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    Beautifully said,
    545 days ago
    emoticon blog
    547 days ago
    Totally agree with you. Years ago I started working on 'talking' to myself as I would to a friend. Now it's second nature. Oh I know have faults. Indeed they are many and varied. Some I've worked on over time. Some not so much. I'm still a work in progress!
    547 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Getting there can be challenging, but one thing is usually true once you get to the gym and do the workout, you are glad you did.
    547 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23815638
    The concept of thinking about yourself is definitely a hard one for me. I was brought up to put the focus on others, so it's a learning curve--not a hugely steep one because with age comes experience and hopefully wisdom, lol. Lovely blog!
    548 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    548 days ago
    Good way to think about things. I know I am very comfortable by myself because I can go about a week with no other human interaction before I start to feel lonely.
    548 days ago
    548 days ago
    I like hanging out with me cause I can always make me laugh and who doesn't like a friend that can make you laugh? emoticon
    548 days ago
    funny some of my friends hated menopause they had a really hard time, me like aging i just look at it as a part of the life cycle, thats why my hair is grey my body is a little droopy my skin is dryer my muscle tone is less i love me i can look in the mirror and smile and like what i see, its all a part of life, hugs for a great blog
    548 days ago
    Great blog. Good on you! emoticon
    548 days ago
    We are definitely related. I never fretted much about my appearance. I never considered myself beautiful nor repulsive. My self esteem didn't come from anything so fleeting. I'm an only child so I always prefer my own company over having to suffer a fool. I'm aging gracefully. I don't care much if my breasts sag but I do care if my brain does. Use it or lose it.
    548 days ago
    Self thoughts...very important no matter the emotion...especially as we mature & our circle becomes smaller... emoticon
    548 days ago
    Very good blog. It is so important to accept ourselves. But we can still keep trying to improve ourselves -- growing, being more tolerant, less critical, healthier and happier.
    548 days ago
  • READY201811
    Awesome blog and very thought prevoking. I often say I love but I don’t like. There are so many things about me, myself, my attitude, my shortcomings I don’t like. I get really down on myself and my thoughts. I expect more from myself. Pain is a weakness and always tried to be strong. I had to be the provider protector and head,of the house for so many years being a single mom and put so many high expectations on myself. Because of my responsibility of a guardian I need to do everything I can for someone else and to do for them they can’t do for themselves. That is why and how you are such an awesome encouragement to so many others because you are able to reach out to us as you would for yourself
    548 days ago
    good job!! i did a self help thing once that had me looking in the mirror and finding things i liked about myself. the first day was about impossible. i weighed well over 300 pounds. i had bum legs. i had to work to find things. as the days went on, i found more and more to like. my legs may be bum, but despite the horrid load i myself put on them, they continued to carry me. things like that..finding the good. then i realized it was easier and easier...and i found more and more to like. and this wasnt just physical...i remember one day saying..i love my laugh. one day..i'm a good listener. i'm a great mom. i;m a lover of nature, which makes me happy, which attracts people to me.
    we are all of us wonderful just have to start slow to realize it!!
    548 days ago
    I have problems with self-love.I'm satisfied with myself. I'm comfortable with who I am. I know I'm not as young as I used to be, but I'm ok with being a sr citizen, too. But self-love?I think it goes over the top & its the way the world teaches, now
    548 days ago
    emoticon I too am comfortable in my own skin, pretty much always have been. I never cared what others thought of me, I always did my own thing, wore my favorite type of clothing and if people took exception to it that was their problem. Aging is no big deal either. I got the infirm, disabled stuff out the way very early so learned to accept any limitations I could do nothing about. A senior adult before becoming one. Self hate was one of the issues leading to people gaining weight -a protection from bad things that happened to you.
    548 days ago
    Great blog...
    What’s getting old? Is it in the same dictionary as,’work’?
    emoticon emoticon
    Go you!
    548 days ago
    Good for you.
    548 days ago
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