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What the Health

Saturday, January 12, 2019

My decision to go vegan 2 weeks ago was the result of a couple of things. The first was a news story regarding the abuse of dairy cows back in November 2017. The story was horrific, and if you care for animals at all, it would have struck a nerve with you all as well. It was a large supplier of milk in the South Florida area, and they were caught on camera whipping the cows. By the time the emotional effects wore off, here comes a new round of abusive videos regarding McArthur dairy farm. Mind you, McArthur is one of the biggest milk suppliers to Publix, Walgreens, etc. In these videos, the cows were subjected to blow torches, and pregnant cows were electrocuted to get them to deliver their calves faster. I could not stand the thought of buying dairy milk any longer, and allowing this to continue.

That led me on a journey to watching documentaries on Netflix. The very first was "What the Health?" Honestly, it bothered me so much, I only watched the first 30 minutes. I was not ready to hear that a plant based lifestyle is the healthiest of all diets. That would mean I would have to give up MEAT! So I watched another, Food Inc., Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Choices, Cowspiracy. All of these just got my head spinning. And then a year later I watched "What the Health" all the way through.

If you eat an American diet, and I would think a lot of you do, then you owe it to yourself to know where your food comes from. It had me thinking that even on SparkPeople, they have articles on how fresh vegetables have to be transported for over 1500 miles to make it on your plate, or The Dirty Dozen, about the produce with the most pesticides. But they don't talk about animal agriculture, and the horrors involved. Why do we close our eyes to it, and pretend? Because bacon is so good? You should watch the film and decide if you ever want to eat pork ever again.

You should also know that the committee of people reconstructing the federal guidelines on RateMyPlate.Gov every 5 years are being payed by special interest groups and lobbyists. It's shocking. In the U.S., your health is bought, and then sold to the drug industry when you get diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

I will not sit here and tell you that this lifestyle is easy. Chicken. My gosh, do I have a love of chicken. And I'm at the point I can eat vegan 3 or 4 days a week, but the other days, I succumb to chicken. But I'm going to hang in there. Ween myself off poultry. Or maybe never.

Do it for your health. Watch What the Health with an open mind, and decide for yourself. It may not change your way of eating overnight. It didn't with me. But it planted a seed that took root, and it may just do the same for you.

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  • no profile photo CD25469122
    I watched “What the Health first. I grew up on a farm so eating animals was a way of life and the documentary made a small impact on me but not enough to make a change. One day (2 years after heart surgery) I went to see my primary care doctor and my triglycerides were at 279. He wanted to put me on statins to bring the numbers down. (When my cardiologist learned of this .. she went ballistic!)

    I studied up on what would cause such an increase and I was scared and inspired by the results. My primary never mentioned my “diet” as a culprit, he just wanted to push the drugs! I learned of “The Game Changers” on Netflix as well as “Forks over Knives” .. my life changed in that very moment! I do not eat any animal products.. I too loved chicken as well as sausage and eggs ..

    I am a Vegetarian ( not Vegan .. I still wear my leather wingtips and leather belt and jacket) I even stopped fish oil supplements I am also severely lactose intolerant as well as gluten intolerant!
    388 days ago
  • no profile photo FORGIVENESS4ME
    Such a good documentary
    637 days ago
    893 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    907 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    How are you doing on your journey? My support is with you, all the way!
    918 days ago
    Don't worry- your tastes buds do change and going whole food plant based like 80% or more if you can will mean your health will be fantastic! We can thrive without animal foods or lactations-

    If you get the chance I highly recommend this wonderful gentle man -this one in particular is an amazing talk

    and if you are up for it you can watch Dominion - but it is very intense

    Going vegan is not only good for us and animals but the planet as well and any step in that direction is a good one! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    930 days ago
    I was vegetarian and then vegan for more than 15 years for the very reasons you stated above. I needed to change things for my own health, as I am very insulin resistant. I still struggle with my decision, but my health has improved greatly. But it still makes me very sad...I have to try not to think about it.... But I still support animal rights and I think abusers should be jailed and never, ever allowed to be around any animals, just as we monitor pedophiles. I would stand outside Wal-Mart with a clipboard to get that law on the ballots. Thank God for the people brave enough to expose these horrible human beings. I cannot believe there are actually laws in some states that people cannot film the abuse. emoticon
    931 days ago
    I applaud your decision to go vegan. I have always said I would be a vegetarian if I had to kill my own food ~ including fish. But like you it is hard to retrain my brain.
    I do know I have relatives who have a dairy farm and they do not treat their cows like you describe but I do believe others are capable of those horrors.
    931 days ago
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