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Bizarro World

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Last week, I found a nearby university clinic that specializes in wholistic, naturopathic (sp?) practices for all types of maladies. Researching them further, I perused the application I’d have to fill out for my first appointment, if I ever chose to go there. Among other things, it asked which pronoun I prefer they use when referring to me. Among the list, they, it, us, them, etc. The choice of “she” was at the bottom of the list. Okay, that’s part of the norm now.

And also last week, in the news, arose the term “toxic masculinity” which is now a syndrome whereby the traits that men are born with are said to be toxic and undesirable. In fact, it is now in the DSM (the news reported) as a behavioral problem.

Honestly? Sometimes I feel like I’ve landed on another planet. Wishing all a wonderful day.
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  • NANCY-
    Wise words from NIGHTSKYSTAR.
    545 days ago
    I am amazed what is happening in the world today. Perhaps everyone should be called 'HB' short for 'human beings'!
    545 days ago
    I agree things are crazy. I don't have positive feelings about the use of pronouns anymore...
    546 days ago
    I agree with Morticia and WALLAHALLA.
    Commonsense has gone to another planet it seems. Who are these 'aliens'
    who are given the power to put these changes into effect?

    One of a private Girl's school in Sydney had to take out the name Girls.
    Crazy beyond belief... emoticon
    546 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Yes, this is a crazy world!! emoticon
    546 days ago
    WALLHALLA said it best. I think its getting out of hand.
    546 days ago
    We seem to have lost common sense and our moral direction, a world turned upside down.
    546 days ago
    The pronoun preference can seem a little cooky until the community settles down and agrees on common terms. Maybe that holistic center is being a little too accommodating???
    As I understand it Toxic Masculinity only applies to those men who believe men are superior to women and women should be subjugated to men and they believe violence is an acceptable way to enforce their views. Most men do not show signs of Toxic Masculinity!
    546 days ago
    emoticon i agree with you the world is getting more bizaroo by the minute, sad indeed
    546 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    546 days ago
    I hear you. I'm an alien on this planet too. There are many things going on that I don't understand.

    It's a mystery school here on this earth.

    546 days ago
    I don't believe in illegal discrimination for any reason really such as age, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, ability, disability, career, parental status, marital status, employment status, political beliefs, pregnancy, personal associations, etc.I think there are good and bad people in every group. If we treated all people equal we would solve a lot of our problems. I don't like a lot of modern trends though so I don't follow them. I don't think that employers should have to hire people that they they think are not suitable. I would not want to be forced to hire someone who was not able to put their phone down, or who cursed constantly, or someone who was completely covered in tattoos, or has a split tongue and a bone through their nose. They may be very nice people but they are not pleasing in appearance to me personally. And I don't think we have to pretend in our personal lives that we like someone we don't. We should respect other people though. We all have people we feel a bond with and people we don't. Sometimes the best course is just to find like minded people and avoid those we don't want to associate with.

    I think we have to remember that women in our country are not valued like men are so the term "she" being at the bottom of the list doesn't surprise me. Women were the last people to get the vote. Women are not paid the same money for the same job that a man does. Women and sometimes men are subjected to improper work behavior and if they complain they are fired. Women are raped and it is suggested that it's their fault because they drink alcohol, dress in a certain way, act a certain way, put themselves in harm's way, etc. The problem isn't men, in general, it's a certain kind of man. My son and husband are not toxically masculine but I do know plenty of men who are. In my opinion, we sometimes elect leaders that are the worst kind of men imaginable - men like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. If we put these kind of men on a pedestal then we reap what we sow. Change won't occur while we continue to encourage and make excuses for atrocious behavior.
    546 days ago
    Invasion of Body Snatchers has been sequelled by the Invasion of the Common Sense Snatchers.
    546 days ago
    I agree with you. There is a belief that says all men are abusive. I totally disagree! I'm married to a very gentle msn. The argument against that is that I'm in denial. Really? There is no reward in arguing with the devil!
    546 days ago
  • READY201811
    Things are so different now and being a senior citizen I feel so removed from what the youth are growing up with. In school Our fear is if my dad finds out and they have to do drills for active shooters. Even some of the terminology we grew up with is not allowed. Pretty sad men were made in His image which is now toxic and undesirable.
    546 days ago
    I agree with NIGHTSTARSKY, it’s the perception that’s the problem, not the people and how they identify.
    546 days ago
  • SLOU52
    You know it is sad. Where does the mind go? Farther & farther from God☹
    546 days ago
    i have no problem whatsoever with people identifying whatever way they do. i saw too many kindergarten kids that i knew....KNEW were going to identify differently. no exposure to this news, or anything...i am a firm believer you are born how you are, none of it is bad, and we roll with it.

    that said..i think its become "cool" to do this. if thats how you are, and have been, thats a wonderful thing that you know, and dont have to hide it anymore. However, if you are doing it to be "in"..not good.

    Being a man isnt a behavioral problem. nor is being a woman, or gay, or trans, or bi. But telling people its a problem? come on....

    makes me ill how the media does this crap...
    546 days ago
    546 days ago
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