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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

So I meant to post a blog last week. Had it all typed out. Could have sworn I hit send.
Do you see it? Cause I sure don't. I wonder what happened?!?! My blog is now lost out in the dark spaces of the interwebs. Poor thing.

Anyway - here I am! Hopefully this one will stick!!

I'm having a mentally difficult week this week. I'm not really craving anything, but when I struggle in life, I tend to EAT. So this habit is trying to snag me, and I keep thinking about "ooh, I should eat something". However I'm not hungry. The echos of old habits can still be pretty loud, apparently.

They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit. And I'll be gosh darned if I haven't created some fantastic new habits! However those echos can create soundwaves sometimes - especially when those old habits were deap-seated for years and years.

The reason I'm struggling this week, is due to lack of time. I have a full time supervisory job, as well as being a full time Freelance Musician. I'm also single, in a small apartment, with one cat. (if I'm not a stereotype, I dunno what is!) At least it's only one cat. For the moment. Oy.

So when I get super busy, in my old life, I would stop somewhere to grab something to eat and not even think about it. I would do this for basically every meal. (holy S balls, I was spending a TON of money!). So on-top of me doing Keto (and doing it clean 80% of the time) - this means instead of stopping for something quick - I go home and cook. Which creates dishes. But because I'm out doing things, sometimes the only time I have is to stop home, throw something together, throw the dishes in the sink and head back out again. So those dishes pile up. Then I don't get home until midnight, and since I have to be up and at work at 7:30 - I'm going to put my sleep as priority. So I feed the cat, throw my clothes into a pile and go to bed. Wash, rinse and repeat. This creates... a...disaster. And also leaves me with no lunch for the next day. Oof.

So obviously there are some things I can do to help myself out - I need to take one extra minute and hang my clothes up instead of piling them on my chair. That's something I can start today, and that's to-do #1 for today. Hang. Them. Up. Before. You. Go. To. Bed!
I can also try to wash as I cook, if I have the time to do so. Sometimes I only have 10 minutes, so I have just enough time to scramble some eggs, throw them in my face, and run out the door. But this is something I can work on. (eventually I'd like to meal prep enough on the weekends that I have lunches and dinners for the week planned out enough that I can bring all this stuff with me.)

I am not against getting a Keto meal out every so often. BUT... I'm also trying to save money, so I'm trying to keep eating out to a minimum.

So I have all this tickling the back of my mind every day.... and sometimes I do have an evening free, and I come home and just look at everything and go "I can't do this today" and go sit on my couch. lol This doesn't help. So that stress stays. And makes me want to eat. lol

Not gonna happen friends. Not. Gonna. Happen.

So - goals for today:

1 - drink ALL my water (I was low yesterday, maybe also why I was feeling snacky?)
2 - stop at the store to get lettuce for a nice big salad for lunch. The fiber will fill me up, and that spinach has lots of great nutrients. (this is already done, woohoo!)
3 - work on a PLAN to tackle my clutterbox (apartment) and then figure out a way to appropriately adult, even when I'm crazy busy. (anyone have any tips for this large adult child? lol)

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    One day at a time, one habit at a time, you can do this, cat lady ;-)
    831 days ago
    take some time for yourself, YOU are WORTH it!
    831 days ago
    I agree with TrentDreamer - a little at a time adds up!! I would set your alarm for 5 minutes and do 5 minutes in each room. You might finish one room and spend the other random minutes on the next room. You will be amazed at what you can get done in a room in 5 minutes! And then if you are close.... just finish it.

    The food is different - cook big and have leftovers. That has saved me.

    If not - tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, bacon and eggs, etc. etc. Get your favorites out and start cooking!
    831 days ago
    That is a crazy-mad schedule and yeah clean eating and eating out are not cheap

    "and then figure out a way to appropriately adult, even when I'm crazy busy. (anyone have any tips for this large adult child? lol) "
    * From one large adult child to another.....

    I always start with the 1-3 places I spend the most time at or would affect my well being. This usually means my computer/desk area and bedroom get top priority. Computer for time spent. Bedroom for less stress before sleep and waking up. After that, it's maintain those and work on other areas.

    I'll do things like clean the kitchen while food is cooking or I'm eating it. The 3-4 minutes it would take to prep eggs, I could make a pretty good dent in a pile of dishes, hand-washing or loading.

    And never underestimate the power of commercial sprints. Sit in an area that needs to be cleaned, face the TV towards that. The moment a commercial break comes on, start picking up or dusting or whatever (total mad dash).

    I could probably clean my entire living room in one 8 hour Criminal Minds binge.......


    ....Challenge ACCEPTED!!!
    831 days ago
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