no carbs equals binge

Thursday, February 07, 2019

So... I tried this new weight loss thing where you don't eat carbs for supper. 75% veggies, 25% protein. Well... I am a vegetarian not a vegan, so according to this plan beans/legumes were still a carb... It worked for a few weeks and I dropped some pounds. BUT...

I realized I would be fighting some binge cravings I haven't had in a loooong time. This worries me and I wondered why. I realized that to cut out the carb completely at supper is just a trigger and need to really just have a balance/plate method like the new Canadian Food Guide.

Yes, I want to lose weight, but I think I will stick to what has worked in the past. Simple tracking. This always worked but it is work. But at least I know I won't binge this way, as long as I stay accountable.
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