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Clothes that don't fit.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

We all have that favorite piece of clothing that we just can't part with even though it doesn't fit us anymore. As I got heavier, I bought new clothes that fit. As I am losing weight, I have clothes that use to fit.

I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get rid of the fat clothes or the thinner clothes.

Is it normal, or am I just strange to keep clothes that don't fit.

I keep the the smaller sizes because that is where I want to be, and I keep the larger sizes,
just in case.

Just in case what?

I was in a size 3x, now I'm in a 2x I have plenty of clothes in both sizes, just in case.

My DH says get rid of the one's that don't fit you anymore. My head says if you do that, you'll have to re buy the size you don't have again. I guess it is part of not spending the time or the money to buy the correct size I am currently at, when I already have that size in my closet.

Oh what's a girl to do?
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    That Easter basket is so good--- Thank you-Lynda
    826 days ago
  • no profile photo CD24520980
    I've lost and regained so many times and had to rebuy clothes I'd given away that I became leery about getting rid of all my clothes that don't fit.. What I did was keep one jeans and two tops in a size larger and in a size smaller. The others (over two dozen pairs of jeans in smaller sizes and just as much in tops), was donated. It was difficult to say the least because I kept hoping I'd fit in those clothes again but twenty years of hoping PLUS menopause has a way of making one see At least my closet's more organized and same with the dresser drawers. What did you end up doing?
    829 days ago
    Thank yu for those gardening tools-- I will surely put them to good use--Lynda
    856 days ago
    Happy St Paddys Day to yu too-- so--what did yu do with yer clothes?-- ---Hugs, Lynda
    859 days ago
    No snow to-day--I forgot to tell yu--LOL--- and yes, I do need a massage--Lynda
    861 days ago
    I think --get rid off the too big ones-- LOL--- YU will not go back there_--=Tell yourself that!--LOL--Lynda
    861 days ago
    LOL, I do the same thing. For me it's more of a "waste not - want not" upbringing. I grew up poor. I got my sister's hand-me-downs, and my cousins got mine, but if there was something that could be altered to fit, it was. I keep my larger sizes primarily because I can alter them to fit if I need them. The smaller sizes can repurposed or sold at a yard sale if I need extra money.
    882 days ago
    either way you're in store for new clothes! In our community we are lucky enough to have consignment shops for larger ladies. It's a great way to get gently used clothing while we transition.
    890 days ago
    Thank you for a great blog addressing an issue I also struggled with eight years ago.

    I agree with MaryJoanna. Let go of the bigger clothes and all of the smaller ones you don't love or that do not look new. I tend to keep my wardrobe minimalistic but in excellent condition. Not a lot of clothing, but good quality and classic. Less stressful, less expensive, less clutter. Less guilt when passing through clothing to smaller sizes. I also love a good quality resale dress shop and changing out the look of an outfit with costume jewelry and scarves. Have fun with this and know that by donating you may be helping someone else just like you. .
    891 days ago
    Let the 3x go to someone who needs them. Your smaller clothes are your best friend in keeping your weight off.
    892 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7530857
    I keep them for a lil while, but, end up getting rid of them. It helped that we downsized (and had to get rid of stuff, anyway.) There's only been a couple times I've been sorry I didn't keep a certain piece of clothing. For the most part, they're not missed.
    893 days ago
    I get rid of the clothes. If they are too small, even if a size I want to be at, I will still get rid of them. I figure when I get to that size I owe it to myself to get something new and in style. I AM WORTH IT!

    I get rid of the big clothes I guess to show to myself I have the confidence in my journey and in myself to never go back to where I was. If I don't have that confidence, by golly I better get it or why am I bothering to take this journey. It is not a diet but a life long journey and a life long commitment.

    Have faith in yourself. Be the person you want to be and go for the gold!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    894 days ago
    I have wrestled with this I am not confident enough that I can or will maintain a loss.
    And when I do regain a few pounds, ok, more than a few, which has happened many times, those smaller clothes that I bought with such joy, are mocking me!
    I tend to hang them squeezed down at one end of my closet, and I have a ‘when I lose ten pounds’ drawer of my dresser.
    That being said, I love the feeling of purging and do so regularly...some to the thrift shop and some in the charity boxes...did you know they are required to take any clean clothes, towels, etc and recycle the fabric?
    894 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/17/2019 8:45:12 PM
    i am so in your camp ,one thing that has helped me is at my ww meeting we can put good clothing on a rack for others on the same journey this i can do so a lot of the biier clothes are slowly going .good luck

    895 days ago
    I'm with MARYJOANNA. I buy most of my clothes at the thrift stores so donate back the ones in good shape and throw the rest! I got rid of the smaller sized ones too! Don't want them mocking me not taking up space. Like the "if you haven't worn it in a year" rule!
    895 days ago
    Mary Joanna has the correct idea Donate all that do not fit to Goodwill & return there to get some that are larger from the thrift store if you need them
    895 days ago
    I totally understand and I think it has to do with how many times we have yo-yoed. I did get rid of cloths and when I was that size again I missed the ones that I had loved but gotten rid of. I do plan to get rid of the biggest cloths but might keep a range of a size or two at least until I'm feeling more certain of my finally size. I am hoping to get down to about a 14 and I was up to a 4X but now can wear some 2X cloths. You'll know when the time is right and if you have the space then I say you can keep at least some favorites for a while. Best of luck to both of us that we will never need the bigger sizes again.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    895 days ago
    Donate the clothes that don't fit to Goodwill or some other worthy organization. If you need to buy more clothes hit the thrift store. You can find all sorts of goodies there!
    895 days ago
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