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12 pounds.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

I've lost 12 pounds. 12 whole pounds.

This morning when I weighed myself the scale read ... 168.8. I'm like ok, it's not 169, so that's a good thing.
Then later it kind of hit me. ... I've lost 12 pounds!

Last summer I let my eating and tiredness get the better of me. I weighed 180. I know to some that's not a lot. But for me, a 5 foot 3 inch 51 year old female with morbid obesity and diabetes in every family on both sides of my family tree, that 180.something was a bad thing.

So I've been playing with losing. I've been trying to do better. I've had some personal blows that was satisfied with food. I really like to binge eat. I really like to make excuses. I'm tired so I need the bag of chocolate. ... you know those excuses. You've said them yourself at times.

But then something happened that made me have to change my eating. I was getting hives on my face, chest, back and upper arms. The skin on my face would peeling off and leave raw patches. Yes, literally peel off. I would take a pair of tweezers and pull flakes of my skin off. Our health insurance was canceled when my husband quit his job in the fall, so I had to find the solution or reason on my own.

I stopped eating gluten and dairy. It's been probably 2 weeks now and my face has stopped peeling. I still have a few hives on my chest, back and arms, but nothing like it was.

The next thing I'm deleting from my diet is sugar. .. the white stuff, not the fruits. Because I still have the hives I know there's still something else that my body isn't liking. A couple of days ago I swapped out my sugar in my breakfast for dates. ... Which are very yummy! Today I bought some stevia for my coffee and tea. I found some dehydrated apples and roasted coconut with cocoa to help be with my food bingeing. You pig out on a bag of those and you will end up in the bathroom all day. .... just saying.

I have learned that Rice Krispy treats have dairy in them and I haven't found a chocolate bar that doesn't have a dairy warning on it. I really want non peeling skin more than I want my beloved chocolate, so it's gone.

The past weeks that I have been dairy and gluten free, I've lost 2 pounds. That's a pound a week .... or a bag of chocolate. That makes me happy.
It's not a lot, but it's steady. And that's a good thing.

Hope you have an outstanding day!
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