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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It’s weigh in day! So, first thing this morning I stepped on the scale... ...and then I stepped off. Only to step back on again. Three. More. Times. Every time I got the same result: 2.6 lbs down. In one week. Holy. Slytherin! I lost almost 3 lbs during a week where I’ve been stressed to the max, spent two days sick as a dog, and have failed for at least 4/7 days to reach my daily calorie burn goal. But I ate breakfast Every Single Day. Lunch most days. Healthy snacks to keep my blood sugars level. Seven days of being right in the sweet spot of my calorie intake goal. I’m proud. Baffled. Trying to stuff my anxiety down because it wants to obsess about such a significant loss and how it’s a little unusual. And happy. Not necessarily because of the number, but because it means that the changes I’ve made so far are all taking me in the right direction. I might have a metabolism again, which is pretty darn exciting. No huge changes, just good choices. 7lbs down in three weeks. I see you, 130 lbs, and I’m coming for you!!!
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