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Proceed With Caution: Rant Ahead

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Recently I posted something about not being able to change the world with your opinion, but rather by your example. It’s something I believe in, but yet I struggle with, because after converting my diet to a vegan one, many posts on the Spark app gross me out. There. I said it. I often feel ill after seeing posts about making an entire pound of bacon for dinner, or fatty sausages on the grill. My gosh, sausage. Yes, I used to eat it long long ago back when I was oblivious to animal agriculture. But now, pork products repulse me. And yet I scroll by and say nothing. Why? My opinion is not asked, and if I have nothing nice to say, I will keep my thoughts to myself. I wish everyone had the same respect for me. If you are disgusted by a plant-based diet ( not sure why some are offended by eating foods only grown from the earth), keep your stupid comments to yourself. It is rare that it happens, and honestly, it seems to only happen with one user that has felt it necessary to give me his unwanted opinion several times, even though I have asked him not to. And Spark does a great job removing posts that have “indirect or suggested profanity”, religion, politics, yet it has no way for a Spark member to block another. Now for my opinion. Get with the program, SparkPeople.
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    I want to say that I added u awhile back strictly because of you being vegan....I am highly allergic to anything dairy...and have been a flexitarian for yrs....then when my allergy started i was forced into a KETO diet by my specialists does one go from eating meat 3 times a yr to eating it every day and enjoy it? well i hate it ...I am slowly starting to go towards being vegan...I am a vegetarian now...i still have my eggs and trying to slowly skip that out ...I love seeing your posts about food it gives me ideas......and i love your positivity! pls keep real to u and not the haters....and if there is any advice or info u can give to a newbie to getting to become vegan all info is welcome! you got this girl! chin up
    554 days ago
    Hmmm we used to have a way to hide comments we didn't like. Now, I see the down arrow to the right just has "report inappropriate comment" and then "My SparkPage" which takes you directly to that commenter's SparkPage (where presumably you could send them private email and tell them their comment was not helpful to you.).

    And yea, I'm not so keen on seeing all the photos of pork products, shellfish, etc. But... not everyone knows what I believe I know (and what I know changes as I learn more...).
    604 days ago
    We should be able to block people. emoticon

    And filter out articles/recipes according to our diet preference. You can in the recipe section.
    658 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23641654
    I am sorry you have to deal with people who are rude and disrespectful. I am rather lucky. I usually don't have any issues. The worst I deal with is my kids trying to embarrass me when we go out to dinner. They find the need to tell the server "our mom's vegan" and then giggle about it. They do it all in fun and not to be mean. emoticon
    768 days ago
    I was a vegetarian for a few years, so I hear you when you say seeing meat on a plate for dinner grosses you out. For me, it wasn't sustainable so I'm back to being an omnivore but still have many meat free days because it really is healthier. I'm also completely with you on the if you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself. Not sure why there are so many trolls on the internet who can't figure that out this very simple, basic social skill...maybe it's because their mothers didn't teach them any manners! Hang in there and take no heed to rude comments.
    774 days ago
  • GPALMER2019
    Amen baby you be you and if people don't like it they can kiss our ***!! You make killer looking food and I do a lot of meat eating, but I would love to eat anything you fix!! I also get flack about my selfies and if I see something I don't care too much for I scroll on by!! You do you girl, I look forward to all your food pics or any other pics you want to share!! HUGS SUPERMAN
    777 days ago
    Pretty out of line. Everyone has their own path and no one should but you down for being Vegan or anything else for that fact.
    778 days ago
    I am sorry you had to deal with someone being disrespectful. I am always worried about offending people but I believe that if I don't like or disagree with something I just move on. I think your food looks awesome and am so glad I found your page. I hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend. I am a vegetarian (wishing to go vegan).
    Keep up the good work and don't let negative people get to you.
    793 days ago
    I feel you so hard on this. I am lucky that one of my partners is vegan, and we can have some venting time with each other while trying to hold a larger sense of compassion for the not-yet-vegan world.

    Another thing that drives me crazy is being the world's confessor just by dint of my own ethical choices. I don't force my views on anyone, but when finding out I'm vegan, so many folks are compelled to say "I'm not vegan but..." "Oh I'm still eating fish..." "I only eat 'ethical' meat..."
    It puts me in a position where, if I respond honestly about how I feel about that, I'm seen as getting into an argument. If I am silent, am I tacitly approving of their choices? I usually try to be gentle and encourage others to move toward less cruelty as they can.

    So... I guess you triggered a rant of my own! Hugs...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    797 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2019 4:28:19 PM
    It appears to have become the new "normal" on all social media sites that it is OK to be rude and nasty with thoughts and ideas one may not agree with. Surely we are all better than that.
    797 days ago
    Sorry to hear that you are being harassed. I'm not a vegan, but I still enjoy seeing your food pictures and reading about your meals. I've even tried a couple of the recipes and looked for a few of the products in my local store. Some people just enjoy stirring up conflict and being hateful. Don't let the haters get you down! I'm glad that we're Spark Friends! Keep up the good work.
    emoticon emoticon
    798 days ago
    I think that we have a person or persons who have designated themselves to be the official blog patrol.. Yesterday, I posted a blog about my depression and someone posted yes, but what does this have to do with weight loss.. I thought our blogs were our own and we can write about anything that is on our mind..I guess someone has decided that we must only write about weight loss and fitness.. It hurt my feelings and later that evening I thought.. If you don't like what I wrote ..move the next one.. So I hear you..respect is what is needed..we are all on different journey's and what works for me may not be what works for you..but let's just try to be respectful.. now I am wondering if I can't write about what I am going through, my struggles..maybe blogging publicly is not for me..
    798 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Some people here, usually men, have a real problem with over inflated ego's and belittling anybody who doesn't live or act like they do.

    I have had a similar issue, arrogant little men who find joy in stirring and making others uncomfortable.

    I'm sorry it's happened to you.

    798 days ago
    I am sorry you have someone being disrespectful to your posts. Though not a vegan or even a vegetarian I enjoy seeing your meals - they look delicious.
    I have had sparkfriends leave due to the removal of their posts with religious sentiments and though not as religious I had no issue with their posts as it is their belief and I respect their choices as I respect your choice.
    I hope your rant has made you feel better and I know you are not the only one who wishes to be able to blok another member.
    799 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Live and let live I say! I’m sorry you’ve been harassed about your nutrition lifestyle. Just ignore it and keep being you! And I am with you....Spark desperately needs a block feature. Hang in there!
    799 days ago
    😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 Love it... Respect... To each their own. I will say that I enjoy meat from animals that been raised respectfully. And I hope your plants have been grown the same way. Alot of garbage on both sides; we just need to steer clear ofit
    799 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    There is good and bad posts here. It generally has been good.
    799 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    Good for you.
    799 days ago
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