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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

to commit to the time and invest financially in your success?" that was a question I had to answer as part of a pre-screening for a program that promised to help me stop bingeing. I didn't sign on but it's such a great question. I found myself typing, "I'm not sure" (more because of the cost) but it got me thinking and I layed in bed last night thinking about how much time getting healthy requires. Spoiler,'s a lot. For many of us, there aren't enough hours in the day already but hasn't life proven by now that there never will be? The only person I know who has the whole day to think about all of this is my dear friend Eleanor who lives in a nursing facility and no longer recognizes me.

We've heard it all before, we have to make time but flipping where?? As I was thinking about this I sank into my whiney mentality and thought, "When I wake up early to exercise, then I'm extra tired all day which makes me cranky and extra hungry,and I already sleep terribly anyway" Sometimes we have to dig deeper for the answers. When I laid there and got honest with myself something like this came to mind, " When you cut out caffeine, especially late afternoon caffeine (something you've been addicted to for years) you sleep like the dead and your quality of sleep is so restorative that you are tired at an appropriate time and wake up rested, it wouldn't be as hard to find an extra morning hour if you made it a point to do that". Hmmm....there's an hour. It has little to do with squeezing more out of my day and willpower as it has to do with finding something way more beneficial and sustainable. We have to clean up our whole act not just one part of it (although that's a great start!) It's no wonder people who are super healthy are aware of all the aspects that work hand in hand with keeping themselves healthy. I honestly had hoped to be a margarita- sipping, coffee chugging, non-exercising, fit woman. Kinda funny when I read it back.
My new little improvement will be to get to bed early, I have reduced my caffeine but even a little affects me these days so adios, and work on getting up early even just to catch up around here at the beginning of my day as a start. I will log my food, and have a plan for the day. That will eliminate the "hit and miss" logging, help me stay in this supportive community, and help with accountability. It totally takes away the excuses because tracking food, reading blogs and also offering support are all part of the time required. They can easily fit into the sentence, " I can't _____because I don't have time" and let's face it, being overweight zaps energy like nothing else so more time will become available as we are able to move through our day easier. I want to keep thinking and hopefully more solutions will present themselves. It takes quiet and honesty but they are there, hidden gems that will not only answer the question being asked but will have other surprising benefits as well. See you bright and early tomorrow morning! emoticon
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