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Saturday, April 27, 2019

emoticon Happy Saturday, SparkPeople!!!

emoticon For any of you that 'know' me here on SparkPeople, you know that I am one of the Overall Leaders of the 5% Challenge Community as well as a current Co-Leader of the 2019 Spring 5% Challenge of the Firecracker Team. I initially began writing this as a SparkMail to my team, but as I was writing ~ I thought it might be blog-worthy ... because it seems to be more about 'being stuck' and 'having excuses'.

For those of you that don't know about the 5% Challenge, it is typically a seasonal, member-led Challenge with the ultimate goal of losing 5% of your weight in an 8-week period. emoticon

emoticon Today marks the beginning of Week #4 of the 2019 Spring 5% Challenge. That means of the 56 days that we 'fly' together, this is Day #22. There are only 34 days left in the 2019 Spring 5% Challenge ~ and that also means that we are almost at the half way point!!!

emoticon For those of you that are Challengers, how have YOU been doing during this Challenge? For anyone else ~ I could ask you the same question: How have YOU been doing during the last 3 weeks? For me, the slow weight loss that I have been experiencing continues to be painfully slow. MANY TIMES I ask myself: 'Why is that'?????

emoticon If I'm going to be totally honest with myself, it is BECAUSE OF ME!!! Please understand, I’m not beating myself up for what was, but I’m merely taking at another look at what I have been doing (or what I have not been doing). I find that after doing these Challenges for so long, I tend to read the week's directions ~ yet, I don't REALLY read them. I skim over them, get the basic information I need and move on with my day. I think that is my FIRST issue!!!

My second problem is our good old calendar. Again – not blaming, just stating the obvious. Easter came during this Challenge, and, of course - as is usual ... preparations and dinner took place at my house. So dinner with ALL of the trimmings (Easter eggs/candy, etc.) were front and center in my house for at least a week leading up to our Easter Sunday dinner with family. I worked all day and came home from work and cleaned/spruced up the house for our holiday and our guests. I tended to focus more on creating the Easter celebration than on myself. Another ‘convenient’ excuse, I suppose for not paying attention to me! emoticon

emoticon This past week, things were getting back to ‘normal’. I went back to work; back to the YMCA (I generally go there 3 days/week and take a minimum of 3-4 classes per week) ~ back to my ‘normal’ routine … BUT my giving into the treats that are still in the house has not yet ‘gone away’. DH went for a check-up and is now on medication for pre-diabetes. The doctor actually mentioned to him that he needs to cut out carbs in his diet as that will help this condition (among others). Getting back on track and eating healthier will be good for both of us: I just feel better when I’m eating healthier, and, for him – the heart attack several years ago and the diabetes ‘looming overhead’ --- the writing is on the wall --- he also needs to shed a few pounds once again and look toward a little bit of a healthier lifestyle. WE have our daughter’s wedding to attend in June, 2020 ~ not only do I want to be there, but I want to also look good (maybe not as good as the bride, but ‘good’ overall). emoticon

emoticon I’ve been ‘loosely’ following Keto, and it really does work for me. If I was stricter with it, I’m sure it would work even better. I do like eating that way but I really miss some of the fruits/vegetables that are ‘not allowed’ on the plan, especially this time of year. If I’m being really honest with myself, I have an addiction to carbs. Once I get off of them for a few days, it is much easier – but as soon as I ‘cheat’, I find myself looking for them; craving them. None of this is really ‘headline news’ to me, and for anyone reading this blog ~ I’m sure that you can relate. emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon As I write this blog, I’ve decided that I’m getting my ‘head back in the game’. I’m going to clear the house of the candy/treats that are still in the house and ‘get with the program’ once again. For many of us, we instinctively know WHAT to do ~ putting that 'what' into daily practice/daily action is sometimes the challenge. emoticon

emoticon emoticon Who’s with me on this SparkJourney??? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for this nudge!
    715 days ago
    I have a carb issue to. This last weekend was filled with carbs. Even though I was away I could have said no. I chose not to. I chose to indulge. Time to get yself back on track. Great blog post! Go emoticon
    716 days ago
    I need to trim carbs also and eating more fiber rich vegetables will do it for me. Thanks for the reminder!
    717 days ago
    great blog, you hit a home run! I'm with you!
    717 days ago
    You can do it!!
    The longer I’m on keto the easier it gets. 2.5 years for me...yes I miss fruit..and my favorite veg. But it’s missing it not craving it.
    This week’s challenge is a breeze for me..I never, ever eat junk food!
    717 days ago
    You can do it, Heidi and more with your Husband! All calendar runs around food... We should introduce dance in our traditions. Less eating and more fun! emoticon
    717 days ago
    I am sure you will look lovely for the wedding .Afterall you inspire all of us !
    718 days ago
    Great Blog post. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    718 days ago
    emoticon Great blog.
    718 days ago
    emoticon Heidi for an honest blog.

    As a new CL I've been reading thru every bit of the challenge, BUT!!! I was the ML on the Dawggie team (waving Hi to Katie5668 who's doing a great job in my place)and had as you "reading it over" kinda.

    Congrats Heidi on the changes you're making!! You can do this!!

    I compare it to a new car. At first if someone dings it, YO!! We are unhappy and try to figure out who!! Why!!! But get a few more dings,,, eh,,, life happens. Get a lot of dings barely if even noticed.

    At first When we come onto the 5% Challenge (or other teams, or making some changes) it's like that new car!! We do our best to Not ding ourselves, but small ding happen to us(holiday season, parties, work has yummiest etc) and slowly the dings increase, but we may not notice( excuses,,,it's on SALE, oh I'll just one etc) and blah,,,, suddenly those dings increase.

    But!! Than we see a new chance of getting the car of our DREAMS!! A new shiny, WOOHOO model!!

    That car looks good when we first See it! The old car, we see it for the imperfections it has. Starts with the eyes.

    Yours and H eyes now see the dings in habits that crept back in.

    NEW CAR!!!

    NEW time to cherish your bodies as you both are. As you would that car of your dreams. Treat your bodies well feeding it with the best gas/oil etc(food) may it serve you both for decades.
    718 days ago
    Very well said! I keep telling myself my WHY is to be healthy and NOT get Diabetes - I too am pre-diabetic. Good time for a reset and let's finish this challenge STRONG!
    718 days ago
    I hear ya! I haven't been doing so great with this challenge either. There's definitely things that I could be doing and I've definitely been eating things that I shouldn't be. We can still turn things around. Good for you for really thinking everything through and coming up with a plan. You've got this! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    718 days ago
    I think it is and will always be a struggle! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    718 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    718 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Know just what you mean...it takes being focused and determined. Sounds like you have the right ideas, now to put legs to those ideas.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    718 days ago
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