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Politics at work!

Monday, May 06, 2019

I hate politics but I especially hate them at work! So I have been teaching for 10 yrs. 6 yrs ago, I was sent to a training to learn how to be an AP teacher. AP is advanced placement. It is a college level course taught in high school. And if the students take an exam and do well, they could earn college credit depending on how well they do and where they go to college.

The training wasn't great but it didn't matter, I ended up not teaching that class that year. A year later, I went to another training during the summer. And 3 yrs ago and 2 yrs ago, I taught AP. I have repeatedly ask to have my conference at the time the other (experienced) AP teacher teaches the class so I can sit in and learn from him. The school has never done that.

There is a 3rd teacher who has more experience than me who the school has never been happy with her teaching and never wanted her to teach AP. Well, 3 yrs ago, my scores were lousy but the school expects that the first year. The second year was when I got my hives and I was out for 25+ days. The students never had a day where, even when sick, I didn't give them work to prepare them for the AP exam. BTW, the AP chem exam is considered the most difficult exam out of all the AP exams. So the 2nd year, the students weren't willing to work or do college level work independently. That year, there was a mutiny. Students tried to get me fired and when that didn't work, tried to get me to no longer teach AP. And when that didn't work, tried to say I was showing my bra to be taken out of the classroom and into "teacher" jail and not able to teach. The students said they felt it was better to not have a teacher/class then an "incompetent" teacher like me. The other AP teacher's students also complained to their friends how hard the course is and the following year, there were enough students for only 1 AP class. In the end, the students didn't bother to study for my AP exam and therefore didn't do well on the exam. But if they had studied, they had been taught all parts by me. Too bad for them. I had adequately prepared them.

Last year and this year, I wasn't asked to teach AP. But the AP teacher is retiring next year and we just assumed I would be taking over the program. I have even looked into taking Chem 101 at the local community college to bring my knowledge more current. Well, I was told today, the other chem teacher will be teaching AP next year. Now here is the kicker. She is retiring in 2 yrs. So she will be going to training this summer and then only teach it for 2 yrs. The school clearly doesn't want me to teach the subject. Fine by me. AP is a LOT of work!

I think the school is thinking that in 2 yrs, when the 2nd teacher retires, we have a fourth teacher who is 24 and been teaching for 2 yrs, will have enough experience to start teaching AP. The other teacher, who will be trained this summer, then said to me, well, you will help me learn how to teach it, right. Umm, NO. If the school doesn't feel I am qualified to teach then how can you want me to help you.

On one hand, I am relieved. It is so much more work! With no more pay. So why am I pissed? I am very happy teaching my lower level kids. But it is beyond a slap in the face!
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    Oh man, oh man, oh man, do I ever get riled when I *see* the bullies & LIARS run the show!!

    Tova, you are sooo-sooo SMART yet you've had to put up with all this low-brow brutality from jealous adults and the kids who could show their smarts if they'd let you teach 'em... ... ...and if they'd WORK for it.

    Don't excuse 'em just cuz' they're half-grown and all full of themselves. We know some may grow out of it but there's just too many vicious little vixens ready and willing to attack their Teachers for a laugh. And they are the ones who grow-up into the adult versions.

    You've DONE their training (good or not that great) and you've Taught their AP. You've ASKED for MORE Learning from another Teacher and were denied. Do they think you're going to sit back n' take their SLAPS in the face? NOT EVEN, girlfriend!! I'm *here* for you!! ::hugs::

    Besides...think of all the delicious science you can Teach the kids who didn't get an advanced placement.

    AP advanced placement (college level for college credits) if HS Students do well in the exam?
    Teaching your lower level Students?

    That's how you can also look at it. On one hand, you're giving these kids that generally get swept under the rug, a break, and... ... ...you're NOT being used for MORE WORK & NO PAY!! Let someone else be the non-paid focus of nasty brat harassment.
    728 days ago
  • LJK091354
    I agree with PHEBESS. Those students do sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. If that is the way they are, they shouldn't even be allowed to take that class. I thought being in an AP class should be considered an extra reward. Are they related to some of the "actress moms" that just got arrested? (Sorry just had to say that). But, if this is the way they act in high school, I hate to think what their attitude is in college.
    Enjoy your extra time not preparing for that class. More time for quilting.

    emoticon Linda
    728 days ago
    Ugh. School politics are the worst, because you can't get away from it without changing schools.

    But I have to say, your students sound like a bunch of spoiled brats! I can't imagine signing up for an AP class and then refusing to do the work - if they didn't want to work, why sign up for the class in the first place?????
    729 days ago
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