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Who knew a strong heart was a bad thing???

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Will try not to make this a long story!

I have bad knees, years washing floors on hands and knees and kneeling in the garden.

I retired in January and figured now is the time to get my knees done. So I got the referral and went to the Orto Doc. He tells me I'm I'm on the high end for weight with this surgery and to work on losing more. At that point I'd lost about 10 Lbs just not working and eating all the work food things people bring in. He also said go to the heart doc because I want to see how your veins are if we do this surgery. So I went he tells me I have High blood pressure! I'm like NO I have a lot going on in my life right now . Right in the middle of a kitchen remodel, doing physical therapy 3 days a week, trying to figure out how to get to these with my sharing a car with my messed up son, trying to get prepared food on a regular basis as I have NO kitchen. Need I go On?!?!? I told him I give blood on a regular basis and they wouldn't let me donate if I have High blood pressure.

I have learned in my life that things happen for a reason... so I agree to get all the test he wants done.....I missed the appointment due to all the things going on in my life! Duh, I never do that! Think I have a lot on my plate!?!?!

I reschedule and get the echo and vein test. It appears I have a strong heart muscle that has caused one chamber to shrink and I also have a hear murmur that I knew about, that I have had all my life that has never caused an issue. The doc was concerned the valve would get sucked up in the outflow causing me to faint or pass out.

So he gave me a heart monitor to wear for the next 2 weeks. Well it sweated off after a day and a half because it has been so humid and I need to get plants in the ground etc and CLEAN up my garden between all this rain! So I was at the docs 3 hours for the original appointment that I was about 10 min late for cuz mom , bless her heart kinda forgot the time, and I have transitioned from my regular insurance to Medicare and waiting for the paper work for the new monitor to go through. So now I can't do any garden stuff because I'm afraid to sweat it off again! LOL I HATE not having to be able to be in my garden, it has been so wet here, letting it dry out some is a good thing. So I will have to let the weeds go some and only work on cooler days so this stupid thing can do it's thing!!

Whoever thought retirement would be so much fun?!?!? Can you tell I'm not to worried about most of this, mostly it is just an inconvenience for me!
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