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The Great Lakes and Headaches and a Laugh

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

It's that time of year again. Michigan is surrounded on three sides by the Great Lakes. The second X had to travel for work. He'd leave, go out of state, and his headaches would clear right up. The second he stepped off the plane, the headaches would come back.

The weather has been so mixed up this year, part of which is very good. It's been a little cooler, which I can stand very well, thank you very much! We've had more rain. I've also had more sinus headaches than normal. SweetieOfStar has had more migraines than normal. He went to the Ann Arbor V.A. Urgent Care for his last migraine 'cause it was so nasty and had lasted for so long. After giving him some strong medicines and confirming that I was on my way to pick him up, the doctor said, "You can wait in the lobby where it's nice and bright." SweetieOfStar said, "I'm here for a migraine! You've never had one, have you?" He hadn't.

Some people have never had sinus headaches or migraines. From feeling like your head is in a vise, to feeling like your head is in tune with your heartbeat (think of a very painful tooth), to noises so light that ants crawling outside sound like the War of 1812, to more light sensitivity than a vampire, and nausea so bad that the slightest whiff of someone barbecuing can set off your stomach . . . well, you get the idea. They are extremely energy draining especially when they occur daily for 3 days, a week, 2 or more weeks.

Some days I feel like a lazy slug and feel guilty because I feel like I should get something done. And my body says, "You have Got to be kidding me! No way!"

SweetieOfStar sent me a pin on Pinterest that says, "Please don't breathe so loud. I have a migraine." He's posted signs that said, "Three day migraine in progress. Enter at your own risk." and "Five day migraine. If you value your life and bodily parts, stay away."
I found a pin that says, "My head hurts so badly that I hear colors."

I post this in honor of those who know what it feels like to have headaches, large and small, and those in Michigan who know what I'm talking about.

On the lighter side, I'm thinking of posting a sign on the screen door. "It's summer. It's hot. Knock on the door, tell us who you are, and turn around. In this house, clothes are not a daily requirement." I don't want the neighbors to have to use brain bleach to unsee anything!

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