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heart monitor update

Friday, July 19, 2019

So yesterday I go to the new specialist that the heart doc wanted me to see.

It appears the patch I wore for 2 weeks showed some irregularities in my ekg over time.
I have what is called hypertrophic cardiomyopothy which is my heart beats faster and not in any particular good way and then goes back to normal. It is an inherited condition , so thanks MOM! LOL.

They want me to get a defibrillator inserted to get my heart back into rythem so I don't have a heart attack. Apparently this is now something they are more aware of. the Doc said I could elect to not have on installed, and I could never be bothered by it or I could go into detack and have a heart attack and die. So I elected to get the thing installed. it is not a pace maker, it is a defibrillator.

Every time in my life that the "plans" I made didn't work out and another path was taken it has always been for the good. So I am trusting God with this new path and waiting for the good to come of it

Funny I'm not very concerned about it at all. In fact while the Doctor was explaining all this to me I was in disbelief and pretty much laughing at this turn of events! I go in for a consult about getting knee replacements and I now end up with a defibrillator being hooked up to my heart! God has such a sense of humor!!

So I guess just asking for prayers things all work out for the best. as I am not very concerned about any of this to much.

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