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Not stress eating!

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

I just realized I am not stress eating my way through this summer! That's a NSV and I almost didn't recognize it. I'm realizing I really have made lifestyle changes not just quick weight loss gimmicks. I've done my share of those and the last one I did made me lose weight fast but then I gained it back really fast. A few weeks after I stopped that plan, I noticed a horizontal indention across all of my fingernails and a coworker who did the same thing said she had the same indention. And then the next time I started trying to lose weight, my weight wouldn't budge. Talk about frustration! I had heard severe dieting could affect your metabolism and now I believe it. I've taken phentermine in the past and then a few years back my doctor said my EKG showed long QT syndrome and that scared me that I could have a heart murmur and I remember the mother of one of my class-mates died from taking diet pills because she had an undetected heart murmur. So bottom line I knew that for me it was going to have to be consistant attention to calories eaten and expended.

The first time I lost 50 pounds was about 13 years ago. My husband at that time was very hateful about my weight and then one morning as I was getting ready for work, I told myself that I am a good person and I got focused and dropped the weight and then he was mad because I hadn't done it for him. Go figure. Needless to say our marriage ended----of course there is more to the story but my weight was always the reason for things not going well.

I ended up changing jobs from standing and physically active to sitting at a desk all day in a very stressful job and my weight started creeping up. That's when I did the extreme diet and lost what I had gained but then my weight zoomed up, up, up. I managed to get off about 20 pounds and got married and then over the next 2 years while my 3 daughters got married I gained that back up to 206.

After that I had to quit work to be fulltime caregiver when my parents couldn't keep my special needs daughter all day while I worked. I took over the cooking and grocery shopping for us and we all started walking and the 3 of us lost 25 pounds each. Then it stopped again. Stayed there for almost 2 years.

That's when things really started changing. Our church took part in a 21day Daniel Fast and getting rid of processed foods made such a difference in how I felt physically and emotionally and mentally. So I kept going with a plant based diet. Then we did a DVD series at church and I learned how to process the anger that I said I didn't have---mostly by journaling and prayer---and my stress eating stopped. This is the first time EVER that I don't turn to food for comfort.

People ask about my weight loss and sometimes I talk about the anger issue stress eating or I try to explain plant-based eating but in reality, I don't follow any one plan....I just do what works for me and I drink a lot of water and I exercise regularly. It takes work that's the bottom line. I have a life-time goal and I am determined to not let myself get distracted.

Ok my time for writing is over .....

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