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Checklist for being your own diet coach

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

On the page of the Beck Diet Solution team I found this useful list with questions for those who want to be their own diet coach. It was writen by TRINASFITLIFE.


Weekly Reflection:
1. What has been your change in weight during the past week?

2. What successes have you had during the past week. Use the to-do lists at the end of each day to report on what you have done. (Full list of the to-do list below)

3. What have you deserve credit for?

4. What struggles have you had in the past week?

5. How have your cravings, slipups, or life stressors you've had been this week?

6. Is there anything that might interfere with executing the steps of this program?

7. How are you finding ways to deal with setbacks and challenges now and in the future.

8. What sabotaging thoughts have you been having and how are you to responding to them.

Daily Journal:
1. What did I do today to avoid unplanned eating?

2. If I deviated, what happened?

3. What sabotaging thoughts did I have?

4. How did I answer back to those sabotaging thoughts?

5. What can I learn from this for next time?

6. Reflections:

The To-Do list:
I read my Advantages, NO CHOICE, It is Not Okay, Get Back on Track, and Believe It! Response Cards as needed.

I read my other Response Cards as needed.

I wrote out a food plan for tomorrow.

I monitored everything I ate in writing right after I finished eating.

I talked to my diet coach and or reflected in my daily Beck journal

Every time I ate, I sat down and ate slowly and mindfully.

I ate only to mild fullness.

I gave myself credit whenever I engaged in helpful eating behaviors.

I removed or rearranged tempting food in my home and work environments.

I changed my schedule to increase my time and energy for dieting.

I took steps to reduce stress.

I did spontaneous exercise at every opportunity.

I did planned exercise.

I reminded myself that hunger is never an emergency.

I tolerated a craving or used anti-craving techniques rather than giving in.

If I overate or strayed from my diet, I got back on track immediately.

I said, Oh, well, or NO CHOICE, whenever I wanted to eat something I was not supposed to.

I responded effectively to ideas of unfairness and discouragement.

I used the Seven Question Technique to respond to my sabotaging thoughts and made corresponding Response Cards.

When others offered me food that I hadn't planned to eat, I turned them down. I followed my diet successfully when I ate out.

I experienced negative emotion and didn't turn to food for comfort.

I took steps to enrich my life.

I prepared myself for weighing in.
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