2019-08-14 Staring down another birthday

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Well, it's coming up.

The big one.

The big.....


Ok, not really a "landmark" birthday, but still another lap around the sun!

My husband is two years older than me, so "landmark" birthdays hit him before they hit me, giving me a little more time to think about any goals I want to accomplish. His 40th is coming up next year (July birthday, so he has some time!), and it got me to thinking whether there was anything in particular I wanted to shoot for.

For my 30th, I wanted to complete a triathlon. I managed to do that a few months before turning 31. For my 35th, I wanted to complete a century ride. I actually managed that one much sooner than expected, shortly after turning 32!

I think for my 40th, I'd like to aim for a couple of things:

1. A vacation to another continent, coupled with a run and a bike ride on that continent.

2. Complete 4 century rides the year I turn 40 (so some rides could be earlier in the summer, before my August birthday, and some later in the year, as two of my "regular" rides are in September and October.

3. Complete a 10K before I turn 40.

Stretch goal: Visit 40 states (measured as spending at least one night overnight and some period of time sight-seeing) by the end of 2022 (the year I turn 40).

I've visited quite a few already (lived in 5!), so I have a head start on this, but it might help push me and my family out of our "comfort zone" of regular vacation spots. I'm going to start drawing up a list, and see where I'm starting from. Some states I've physically been in, but have no memory of due to being too young (looking at you, Alaska and Hawaii!).
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