For November - reports and goals

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Approximately every 6 months I set fresh baselines to match the Dr office.
Yesterday was Dr. visit and smiling at results and sharing new baselines:
Weight - 207 on their scales matches my home scale the last three days!!! and is down 3# in 6 months by their records but is on even keel with my home scales with sightings of as low as 203 in the past 6 months.
Blood Pressure - 124/55 similar to what I have been recording at home last few weeks and my normal for most days with a puzzling spike to 170/90 for a few days sprinkled through.
BMI 32.9 - I need to learn about this - I have never paid attention to it but still defines me as obese for medica lrecords??
A1C - "the diabetes number" 5.6 Down from 6.0 and right on the border line between normal and "Pre-diabetic". That is a Halleluia!!! excited and thankful and encouraged!!!
NOW - to keep learning and USING THM [TrimHealthy Mama] lifestyle low glycemic, moderate protein and good fats in moderation ...
> to get the Fasting blood sugars under 100 in this next 6 months,
>to get the scales UNDER 199
> to increase mobility to consistently get in 5000+++steps per day ***Use the elliptical and exercise bike and treadmill in our home - no excuses if I work up slowly and carefully with heart issues and advancing neuropathy!!!
>to learn about and set BMI goal
Finally - I would ask for prayer about the concern brought forward in this Dr visit - Heart tests show an enlarged aorta so will be going to cardiologist for evaluation and discussion.
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