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Going Bendy

Friday, November 29, 2019

I guess it's obvious what kinda person I am now. The sort who would spend time thinking of and experimenting with laundry folding, and now plastic bags folding. Sigh. Recycling is not very established here. When I first got here, it was a bit of a culture shock where that was concerned. I still try my best but I consistently find myself with a huge load of plastic bags collected from just the week alone. Despite me bringing my own bags to the shops. There is only one recycling bin near me and it's always full. Of unrecyclables. And recycling trucks are non-existent. So I've resorted to using the plastic bags as my garbage bags. And so the folding begins. I did it the neat flat sheet way but found that I was having issues with sizes and accessibility. Then I saw a Chinese lady's vlog where she folded her garbage bags with a neat little "handle" which allowed her to fish out each bag quickly and easily. Hmm. There's a thought. So I started experimenting. I like her technique but still found it wanting as she still had overly long handles that flopped everywhere. I hate floppy bits. *tries hard not to stare down my own chest... *🙈 After some origamism, I found a way to ensure no floppy bits, a neat handle and fairly uniform form factors for small and large plastic bags. Currently there is no medium... I'm not that far gone yet. I stuffed them into a tea box for the moment till I can figure out a more aesthetically pleasing yet practical way to display them. At the moment it works so it's all good. Imma gonna have to stop wanting to fold things. It's getting a mite bit disturbing... 😬
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