December - DO NOT FEAR - work and build strength

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

December - last month of the year - and Dr says NO FEAR!!! you are in good health for your age and many conditions so keep going forward.
Yesterday was heart Dr day - new one to me and really appreciated his simple straightforward talk, explanations, listening and planning for future.
Aorta is enlarged but small amount esp for age and if I take care of myself, should never need surgical interventioin. Same report for the leaking heart valve.
He was total pleased with health efforts except to go ahead and push my exercise back up and "NOT FEAR" the aorta stuff. Now wants a nuclear stress test of my heart to make sure it can tolerate general anesthetic for approval for the full knee replacement needed 4 years ago! I think I may be getting brave enough to face it!!!
So today starts serious exercise plan and weight loss attention to take it down the next notch - I have maintained the 30# loss for a few years with another 5 in flex so lets get 'er done and get rid of 20 more and keep off an additional 5 flex.

Pre-diabetic numbers are lower and learning blood sugar triggers, will start the seated elliptical today and begin strength training which I have never done consistently - have the purple weights set out! and started morning with 8oz water and meds followed with pint of hot tea with collagen then usual low carb, good fats and consistent protein meals through my day. with low calorie M-W-F and counted up days T-Th-Sa and practice new lessons of the week on Sabbath.
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