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12/20/2019 Where I’m At Today, It works if WE work it

Friday, December 20, 2019

Today is a beautiful Day. Yesterday was my 4-month appointment with my diabetic Doctor. I felt anticipation and a little fear. I had worked hard the last 4 months since she took me off of all diabetic medication.

Yesterday I had a 2 hour appointment with her. She took all sorts of blood tests , even having me take a stress test. I ran on the treadmill for 5.5 minutes at 7.2 mph and was able to get my heart rate up to 132 bpm

When all the results came back she came back to the room I was waiting in and we had a great conversation. She came in to room with a sad look on her face and reported to me that the Insurance's computer program had three categories and a person had to be at least in two of them to be a "certified" diabetic.

The categories were high blood pressure, high cholesterol or of course high blood sugar.

My blood pressure was 120/80 (3 years ago it was 140/90) and my resting heart rate (RHR) was 58 (three years ago it was 70). I did not fit that category.

My total cholesterol three years ago was 240, four months ago it was 130, yesterday it was 110. My HDL was 68, my LDL was at 36 and my Triglycerides were at 120. So therefore I didn't fit into that category.

My blood-sugar (glucose) three years ago was at 810, my A1C was at 13.8% and I was taking 81 units of insulin a day. Four months ago my glucose was at 102 and my A1C was at 5.3% while taking 2-500 mg of Metformin a day. Yesterday with no Metformin my glucose was at 95 and my A1C remained at 5.3%. I no longer fit in that category.

The doctor the got an impish grin on her face and said, "Bill, you are no longer a diabetic, (according to the insurance companies.) She knows how much I dislike that because in my heart I know I will always be a diabetic and can backslide at any time.

We talked for a 1/2 hour, talking about diabetes and where are we going in the future. She asked if I was ready for a six month appointment or did I feel more comfortable with another 4 month appointment. After some thinking I replied lets try the 6 month appointment. If the next appointment goes just as good we will go to annual appointments.

I need to stay dedicated to the program because I know I could backslide at any time.

Thank-you for all the feedback and support from everyone that got me to this point.
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